Monday, August 11, 2008

The End Is Near

The Beijing Olympics started at 8:08 p.m. on August 8, 2008. In Chinese tradition, the number 8 is particularly auspicious as it symbolizes good luck and fortune. The date is so popular that I decided to get hitch and at the same time looking forward to the good fortune of the triple 8s.

ROFL!!! I'm just kidding la! DOH!!!

"08-08-08" is a very memorable day to me. Why? Because I submitted my very first resignation. I've been pondering for quite some time. Before the interview. After the interview. After I got the offer and before submitting my resignation. The process was so hard to endure really. Not that I'm looking forward to leave. Sigh.

You must be wondering since I'm not planning to leave, why look for a new job right? A friend asked if I'm interested in some part time job and asked me for my latest resume. She sent it to her company too and I agreed by saying cincai. Days later, I received a phone call asking me for an interview. Then I went for the interview and after that, I got the offer. Everything happened REALLY fast and during this whole process, I was filled with anxiety and guilt. Damn it. I felt anxious because I fear not knowing what to do once I get the job as my ego told me I would get the job for sure. I felt guilty because my bosses and colleagues are a bunch of nice people who treat me well. I felt guilty as it doesn't feel good to hide something and pretend nothing is going on. =(

The interviewer asked what I like most about my current job. I couldn't think of any but ONE. I told them the only thing I like is my good relationship with my fellow colleagues. Sigh. But I don't like what I am doing now. Have you ever lost passion in your job? I know I do. Almost everyone I talked to encouraged me to leave. I bugged friends who care to discuss with me. I even called my uncle in Australia to see what he thinks. It's a very hard decision but in the end, money matters the most shamefully. The benefits are of course better too. Sigh.

That morning, I called my guy manager into the meeting room and the first thing he said to me was "your turn to throw letter?". Gee. Am I really that predictable? We talked and I told him almost everything. There's nothing to hide. After all, I greet him as 老豆 (lau2 dou1 / Dad in Cantonese) instead of Mr. Boss. Yes. We are really close. Then, I called another lady manager into the room and again, we talked. She said she doesn't wanna accept my resignation. But then again, they only gave me advices on my future path and asked me to reconsider again. Hours after our long chat, 老豆 came to me and asked me again. Then I reconfirmed with him and he 'kok' me on the head. He scolded me for being such an unfilial daughter. I'm like 喷出去的水 (pen4 chu4 qu4 de4 shui3) after 'raising' me for so long. LOL.

Again today, I received a lot of comments from him.

- Months after my resignation, I will come back and cry in front of him.
- He will ask the managers in my new company (whom he knows) not to give me any salary increment and exclude me in any projects.
- He asked me not to find any 老豆 to replace him.
- He asked me to kick my new manager away and bring him in too. LOL.
- He'll blamed me for the next person who's gonna resign.
- He asked me to develop a big portrait photo of mine and paste it on the notice board so that he can curse me and miss me from time to time.
- He said it's a bad idea to resign during Hungry Ghost Festival. HAHA!
- He doesn't have to find reason to sack me since I'm resigning first. That's a good excuse to make him feel better and not to be sad anymore.

Funny isn't it? That's why I'm so emo lately, not knowing what to do and how to face 老豆 and the rest. I wanna get the things done as soon as possible and submit my resignation. Then, at least I don't feel that bad anymore. Sigh. Ever hear the saying "Love Your Job But Never Fall In Love With Your Company Because You Never Know When Your Company Will Stop Loving You"? I'm not in love with either my job or my company but just the people. Haha. Pathetic eh?

Sigh. I wonder if I am making the right decision or not. I'm throwing away a big project which uses a powerful system and is currently in demand. But heck. They planned the project 4 years ago and now they decided it's time to kick off and implement it. The project is supposed to start in April but till now, I see no progress. Sigh. The new job might have such chance of learning something new and may be in high demand too. So, it's a 50-50 chance that I have to risk. But never try never know right? Iskh. There are certain things in life that I regret and I hope I won't be adding this to the list.

Anyways, I still have 3 weeks left here and I'll definitely treasure every moment. I guess I'll be their humble servant at their service for the time being. LOL. My last working day will be on 29th this month and I will start work on the 8th too! Resigning on "08-08-08" and start new job on "08-09-08" sounds auspicious. Don't you think so too? Hehe.

P/S: My oh-so-cute friend who got thinner now ( Sharon said so!! :-j :-j :-j ) helped me with all the Chinese translation in this entry. Terima kasih. =)


banana said...

Glad that u have decided to take another step forward. Don't even feel regret about it. Concentrate on what is coming to u :p

Remember to belanja makan >:) Friday's will do. wakakak

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

Go Eryn Go!!

All the best ya ^_^

Miss J said...

My dear, look FORWARD. Life is all about moving forward and taking the next step.

Leave your current work place and colleagues and bosses on GOOD terms and they'll only say good things about you when you're no longer working with them.

We can go have lunch at Old Town once you start working at the new place.. :P

izso said...

I can't believe you revealed the future company name to your existing employers. I don't trust anyone other than family irregardless of how close you are.

Your boss already said he/she knows your future employeers. If your boss was a two headed snake, he could sabotage your new job and cause you not to have a job and at the same time don't want to take you back or worse - take you back for lower pay.

I dunno.. better to be a sceptic than a eternal optimist.

Eryn said...

Banana, You owe me one meal also lo. If that's the case. LOL.

Kopi, Thank you!! :*

Ms J, Yeah. I'm looking forward too. Can't wait.

Iszo, I know it's a bad idea to reveal the future company but I trust my boss. I don't think he's the two headed snake lo. The comments he gave are merely jokes I hope. They are all bunch of good people! Last time he also encourage me to "explore" when the timing is right. ;)

Pink Cotton said...

ooh so thats your little secret...

well...old dont go,new wont come

jia you!

Eryn said...

Pink Cotton, Improved a lot after your mandarin classes eh? LOL.