Friday, August 22, 2008

Facts About Eryn

This is my first time playing Tagged. Normally I would ignore but this time I decided to give it a try. It would be interesting to discover more about myself along the way right?

15 facts about Eryn
  1. I must sleep with my little pillow (I have that since I was a baby). I have several names for 'her'. In Cantonese, she's called 'Xiu Bou'. In Mandarin, it's 'Xiao Bao' and in English, it's 'Baby'. Don't laugh la! Now I got my bulky (used to be bright yellow) Patrick to hug at night.
  2. I hate CATS!!!!! I'm a dog lover. Hamster and guinea pig too!
  3. I think I'm too straightforward, fearing that I might hurt people's feeling in the end.
  4. I always suffer from stomachache & constipation although I visit the toilet everyday after breakfast. Serious! =P
  5. I love watching movies and go to the cinema almost every week! I'm a big fan of TVB dramas. English sitcom and drama series are included too!
  6. I think if I sleep less than 8 hours a day, I would be very alert at work. Otherwise, I would be like a dead walking corpse.
  7. I'm easily being influenced by people. E.g. Wyenn criticized how bad Myolie Wu (an actress) is in her acting and look. Then I would start to dislike her too. LOL. That's the most recent one that I can recall now.
  8. I'm bad at socializing and is not that friendly in person. But once you get to know me longer and if we can click, you will sure be in my heng tai or chi mui list.
  9. I will say no to clubbing and drinking. LOL. I'm very guai one okay?
  10. I used to be hot tempered and I'm trying hard to control my temper nowadays.
  11. I bite my nails and like to kopek/peel the skin around my fingernails. It's a very old habit and my parents always nag me for that. My late grandmother used to scold me too and scare me by saying if I bite my nails, I will not have any siblings at all. DOHHH right? Oh ya. My bf bites his nails too. We are one of the kind. =P
  12. I'm stubborn like a bull. I can ignore you for days/months if you offend me or worse of all, frame me for something that I did not do. I once stopped talking to a very close person of mine for at least 5 years ... You don't wish to know that. This is a gentle warning for certain people out there too. You don't wish to get on my nerve. One day, I'll burst.
  13. I love traveling and always plan out in advance on how my maximize the usage of my holidays and annual leaves.
  14. I curse more compared to my bf (I never hear him curse before) or my other girl/boy friends (Sharon & Banana is oh-so-excluded).
  15. I tend to discuss my problems with my friends and family rather than keeping them to myself.
  16. I feel bad whenever I think of my parents back in Kuching. I know. I'm such an unfilial daughter. =(
  17. I'm playful and naughty to my parents and my friends (provided if I know them long enough). I love to joke with them and pull pranks on them too. LOL.
  18. Most people will say I look fierce/stern/never smile during their first impression on me.
  19. I (must) drink coffee everyday.
  20. I'm not gentle / not ladylike at all. During Primary 6, I joined a dance performance but I quited halfway because the dance motion was too slow and gentle for me.
  21. I used to be a DoTA freak until my bf got really angry with me several times.
  22. I love having soft toys especially Pigs! Anything related to pig will make me happy. ;)
  23. I love watching cartoons!!!!!!
Aiks. That's already more than 15. Argh!!! I can still keep writing. LOL. I think the following facts should tell you guys more about me.
  1. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
  2. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
  3. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
  4. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
  5. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
  6. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
  7. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
  8. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
  9. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
  10. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
  11. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
  12. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
  13. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
  14. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
  15. I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!
In short,

for (int i=0; i<15;i++)
cout>"I have a FACEBOOK FREAK boyfriend!\n";

You will understand the codings if you are a software guy. HAHAHA!

The proof?


Ok. Now the tagged list. I wish to tag Sharon, Pink Cotton, Catherine (your site would be up real soon I hope), Zeekco, Robin (if he ever update his blog) and Shin. Please don't ignore my tag. This is my first time playing. Bagi muka sikit can? =(


The Devil said...

ah moi... ur for loop doesnt seem to be correct.. atleast for c, c++, c# language :P

wyenn said...

wah kao! y u listed me out for influencing u? i m the biggest influence huh? then u should have become more ladylike, cute, considerate, funny, talkative just like me! ;)

Eryn said...

Devil! I wrote the correct loop but somehow I cannot publish it! Babi betul. =(

Wyenn, Yeee. Sendiri cakap sendiri cute.

Annie said...

i tink i curse more than you... T_T

see ya this weekend!!!! =P

Miss J said...

I also have a small baby pillow since my baby days! I still have it! ANd I used to bite my nails but I've stopped now and only do it when my emotional state is unstable (luckily not too often)..

Zeekco said...

Wish granted! ive updated mine though its very very hard to describe myself with 15 facts.


p/s: lets have a joint post soon. let me think of a topic and its gonna be fun!