Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Farewell Dinner

I'm counting down. I have 3 more days left in this company and I'm not really anticipating the day to come. Somehow I think I will miss the environment and the people here. It's true. Yesterday around 6.30 p.m., my boss walked to my desk and asked "Why are you still in the office? It's time to go home". This makes me wonder if my new boss will say that to me. Maybe he will say "Why are you leaving the office so early? It's only 6.30! Gosh!". LOL. You'll never know.

Last Thursday, we had farewell dinner at Good Friend Restaurant, Teluk Kumbar. So far, whenever we have any occasions to celebrate, we would have either Seafood or Japanese food for dinner. The first time I joined them for dinner, it was at Good Friend Restaurant too. What a coincidence no? Hehe.

The restaurant is just next to the beach and we can see sunset here! ^^

They served the dishes way too fast and we did not managed to snap pictures of the rest of the food we ordered. Besides, most were too hungry to wait for me to take the pictures! LOL.

Introducing my leng lui colleague who left the company a week before me. Yes. Like someone said, we are two brave colleagues who managed to muster enough courage to resign. =P

She's called the NIKE gal because everything she wear is NIKE. Even her handkerchief is NIKE. ^^
She always try out all sort of hairstyles. I don't really have the courage lo.

Before leaving, she hugged most of the gals in the office and eventually broke into tears. My two bosses were not in the office at that time and they said they will be there to see me cry during my last day! They will get the camera rolling too. Iskh. >___<

Opss. Pretend you did not see this. LOL. Action aje la. I don't drink one.


oOFooi said...

lol.. I thought u drink cause you didn't looks like alcoholic type of person. ;)

Miss J said...

The food not too bad over there right?

It's a bit pricey though.

I can't believe it, 3 more days! Look on the brighter side, that means you're going on vacation soon right?

MisSmall said...

How authentic is that? Having seafood next to a fishing village(?). At least that's what the pictures looked like. :P

And gal, that's a HUGE bottle of beer!

SlumbeRaja said...

haha... like the last photo...

wanna exchange link? slumbeR@J@!