Thursday, August 07, 2008

Five Minutes of Fame

Mr. Vampire received this express parcel yesterday in the office.

The sender is none other than Ms. ANNIE! WOOT!!!

It's addressed to Mr. Vampire and being cc-ed to me. Annie wanted to send to my home address but since I won't be at home to receive it, I asked her to mail to Mr. Vampire instead. =P

Nicely wrapped but I was not the one who opened it.

He said the parcel is addressed to him so it's HIS and he should be the one opening it. Then I asked him what if the content is a dildo. Will he be using it? ROFL. =P

A very lovely note and a very late birthday present. But it's better than nothing right? Huhu.

Check out her birthday request. Iskh. You already got your birthday gift lei cabo. Your FIVE MINUTES OF FAME in my blog! Remember?
As if my blog is famous but still, it's better than nothing ma right?

Very lovely and gentle handwriting isn't it? But the person writing isn't gentle woh.

I wish it's some 'miao chu' instead.
For those who know the 2 of us, you should know what 'miao chu' is.

I prefer this one. It's a key chain and you can stick this to your window/glass.

The eyes are so cute right?!??!!

Let me introduce you to Binkie, now being hung in my car.
He's named after my colleague's new pet, a Miniature Pincher. Mr. Vampire! I want a doggy! I want a doggy! I want a doggy! I want a doggy! I want a doggy! I want a doggy!

Miss Tinkie, carrying a cute little handbag.
Poor couple is being separated a few inches away from each other in my car.

BINKIE and TINKIE!! Cute or not?!!!!???!! HAHAHA!

THANK YOU Miss Annie! *dancing with joy*

GOSH! I got so many piggies this year as birthday presents.

What's left for Mr. Vampire to buy me? A real dog perhaps? *cough*


A non piggy-related note, I got myself an apple green chair!! Yeah! I'm still not over green yet.

Nice or not? Very chio la.

My chair matches perfectly with my nicely wrapped table. Right? My dad wrapped the table for me and it took him quite some time lei. That's Binkie and Tinkie sitting on the table and that's my pink mouse! Huhu.


I went to extract one of my wisdom tooth earlier. Two more to go baby! Gosh! I hate going to the dentist! They are so scary and rough with your teeth! Ughhh!!


Time to sign off. After days of pondering, I guess decisions are made at last. I feel that it came at a very wrong time but you'll get to know what it is real soon.
I just can't wait for next month to come!!! I need a getaway again, running from everything! ^^


Annie said...

ceh, after pixelized still can see my surname... not pro la you... =P

i dowan 5 mnutes of fame next year.... i want what i request in the note... hahahahaha!!!

cut it out with the mao chu la T_T

eh, told you don't let Melvin open...
what if really send teko?

Pink Cotton said...


no1.thats a very cute gift...and yeah i can still roughly guess your surname and annie's surname after the pixelation..HEEHEE

no2. i love ur is indeed very chio :P

no 3.PINK MOUSE!!! ... u like pink?

thats all...
happy 080808

Eryn said...

Annie & Pink Cotton!!!

Argh fine. I'll reedit the pics :P

Eryn said...

Opps. Forgot to say... I love pink too! HAHA!

izso said...

Gosh.. that's not a very ergonomic computer seating position! Later kena tennis elbow, RSI, back pain, neck pain and sore shoulders...

Eryn said...


I know. But I hardly use my laptop at home! So once in a while should be all right gua? >_<

Miss J said...

When did you get your pink mouse? Gee I thought I'm the pink person and your color changes by season?

So nice to get a parcel that may contain a D**** in it.. LOL

This year I only got a birthday card but all the way from UK and one month late! According to my friend she posted like 2 months ago... really slow huh?