Saturday, August 16, 2008


This entry is dedicated especially to you, Gayner. I think those who knows Gayner will LOL at the meaning of this entry.

From Urban Dictionary, Gayner means:
----> Jackass who are totally gay and you don't have to be a boy to be a Gayner.

----> Girl 1: She is sooooo annoying it pisses me off.
----> Girl 2: I know she's a total Gayner!!

ROFL. Darn. We used to joke about Gayner (still, we like to joke about it from time to time) but I didn't know you can actually search the definition of Gayner online. WTH. The funny thing is this name really exists! I'm just too bored that I searched this name in Facebook! Check this out! HAHAHA! Gayner oh Gayner! I know he/she's gonna say "WAH KAO!" as usual if he/she reads this. =P

Gayner. We still love you for who you are and you're not a jackass at all. HAHAHA! Oh boy. It's 2 am and I should be in dreamland by now! >__<"


k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

oo poor gayner....

nyek nyek nyek

Robin said...

I think your hamster died because you have sinned Gayner too much, always bullying him :D

maoi said...

sei choo ku yong~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ing said...

Crappy -> Dullard's Itsy-Bitsy Niche
Gayner -> ehciN ysitB-ystI s'dralluD

This is how we explain Gayner!

banana said...

Sorry for the late comment :p I pity ah mao aka Gayner become our laughing stock. But at the same time, i enjoy teasing him... HOWW???