Friday, August 01, 2008

A Happy Dad vs A Jealous Mum

It's still funny whenever I think of it. Last Thursday, I reached Kuching around 8 p.m. After calling Cheryl, I called Mum to check out if she's at home. I lied saying I can't chat with her on the phone that night as I'll be going for movie. Oh Boy. I'm such a good liar. I quickly hung up just in case I might blurt out the truth and waited for Cheryl. Keke. Then, Cheryl dropped me at the roadside and I walked to my house. Here comes the funny part. Haha.

I rang the bell and hid at the pillar. (FYI, I stay in a landed house so I got plenty of space to hide.) Mum peeked through the window to check. I rang the bell again. This time she opened the door. She saw no one and closed back the door. I rang again and I heard her calling out for Dad. Dad was bathing at that time and she had to rush him out from the bathroom to check. I rang again and this time, both of them opened the door. Dad asked her to go out and checked. This time, she walked to the gate and saw me squatting there, taking a video of her. She freaked out and said "NGAI TI! It's you!! WHY ARE YOU HERE!! YOU LIED TO ME ON THE PHONE!" Then I laughed out so loud at both of them! HAHAHAHA! Funny isn't it? To kid with your parents like that. =P


It's Dad's birthday so I told Fionz that I wanna bring my parents to dine at Carvery.

So after our laksa breakfast on Saturday, she's kind enough to bring me to check out the location of the restaurant. Hehe. I'm blessed with good friends wherever I go eh? Don't be jealous ya? Heheh. =P

Fionz is one of my oldest friend whom I've known since Primary 1. Leng lui lei?

That night, I drove the birthday man and his jealous wife to Carvery. It was drizzling and at first I thought I got lost. Dad kept asking where I was bringing him as I joked that I will bring him to eat 'taugeh kueh tiaw' to celebrate.

That's chopping boards on the wall. LOL.

Dinner was fantastic and both of them enjoyed the food. We were basically overloaded with MEAT!!! Now, I'm sticking to fish ever since I got back from Kuching. No meat at the mean time.

Dad's Pina Colada.

Cappucino, anyone? =P

A big bun as starter.

There's a buffet section where you can try out before you go for the wide selection of meat.

We were given two kind of sauces - Mushroom vs Black Pepper for the meat.

Lamb, anyone?

Oxtail. Me no like. :S

Their chicken wing was fantastic that I had to order more. =P


I used timer to capture this shot because I don't trust the skills of the waitress there and the waitress was laughing at me while I ran to and fro to adjust the settings. LOL.

The buffet is RM45 per person and it's considered cheap compared to the one I tried in Penang. I think the restaurant here (which charges RM89 per pax) has closed down liao. Haha. Too expensive perhaps?

Back at home, it was cake cutting time. Hehe. I think it's been a while since we celebrate any of our birthdays together. I'm such a bad daughter hor? Mum said I have to go home to celebrate her birthday next year so that it would be fair to her. >_<

The loving and cute couple.

Another family pic. Kekeke.

Who wants a piece? =P

I guess my trip back was worth it. Though Mum showed a bit of jealousy, I guess both were quite happy last weekend. ^^

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