Sunday, August 03, 2008

How to get fat in less than a WEEK II

Cheryl said if I cam whore with her, will I blog it out? LOL. So here it is. Argh! Why my face is so round compared to hers!!??!????!!!!! =P

Sorry guys. She's taken. =P

On Sunday night, we went to the usual 'chu cha' place - ABC Cafe at Padungan with Grandpa. I thought of bringing him along for the carvery but Dad said it's his big day. LOL.

Me and Grandpa.

Tempting food ahead! HAHAHA! I'm actually feeling hungry right now (munching Oreo) while writing this entry.

Mum said it's quail. This is the 3rd attempt trying to order this specialty you know?
They normally don't serve this dish. This time, we got lucky. =P

Pidin with Red Wine.

Their specialty: Yam Fish *slurp*

My parents really luvvv this!

Salad prawns.


Monday was SEAFOOD DAY! Home cooked some more. Mum took one whole morning preparing these!!! We only had lunch about 2 pm.

What's black when alive and red when dead? LOL.

Mum's chili crab. I don't normally eat crabs (due to allergy) but this time I was drooling over this.

"See ham"

Fish with Black Bean Paste.

"Lek Tao Suan". Can we get this in Penang?

RS. This is how Kao Gay Kao Kee look like. Hehehe.

My lady boss said it's better if I cook as soup. This is a simple trial and error, added with minced meat, carrot and eggs. HAHA. Still edible though. The vegetable is very soft and you don't even need to munch that much. Perhaps, it's meant for lazy people like me and Mr. Vampire. LOL.


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