Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nasi Lemak Hijau

I've tried white, red, yellow and blue (Nyonya's glutinous rice/pulut) rice before and this is the first time I tried the green one. LOL.

Nasi Lemak Hijau (RM3.90)

I think it's not bad but still it's not the best I can find in Penang. Located near USM, Roti Bakar Kopitiam serves various types of roti bakar (doh!) and some local delicacies. He had curry with man tao which costs around 5 (I think). Not bad too! I know. I should be on diet!!! >__<"

I'm feeling bloated now. I had two cups of coffee today. Coffee freak but how to say no to coffee ar? *blurp*

Oh well. While lazying around in the living room, I would imagine Sooty running around in her cage, playing with her hammy wheel and biting her cage on and off.

It certainly doesn't feel good to see that the hammy cage is empty now. =(

1 comment:

Miss J said...

Wa! I never knew got Nasi Lemak Hijau.

Aiya, seeing your empty cage makes me think of Jelly. So far I haven't got any pets die on me yet... Never wish to have to go through that.

Feel free to come see Jelly whenever you like. I'm sure he'll love to see you again.