Saturday, August 02, 2008


I'm feeling sleepy right now but I don't wish to nap. So I blog instead! Surprisingly, Mr. BF woke up early and we went for a "normal" breakfast today. Know why I used the word "normal"? Because on Saturdays, breakfast would be at 2-3 and then lunch at 7-8. LOL. Yeah. We are that "normal". Friends usually refer Mr. BF as vampire and that's why I have to keep in pace with him too. Should I call myself Ms. Vampiress instead of Crappy? LOL. Perhaps, next time I will refer him as Mr. Vampire instead of Mr. BF here. Kekeke.

I have been chatting with Wyenn, Robin and Fionz the whole afternoon instead of doing something that I'm supposed to do. Three ppl only lei. Now I'm blogging pulak. Argh. I'm easily distracted and I can't focus compared to last time. Why ahhh!!! Miaow Miaow is going to scold me if he reads this as I promised him that I'll focus!!! LOL. I was cooking green bean soup earlier and my soup got burnt in the end!!!!! The whole house was so smelly just now. Yucks. See how focused I can be? LOL.

This is really an ocipala entry. Anyone who's interested to work as a Test Engineer in a *cough* reputably *cough* company, kindly contact me. My bosses are looking for potential candidates. Promoting in my blog eh? No. They don't read my blog but they are just two nice bosses who deserve some good helpers. One thing that I like about my job is my good relationship with my bosses and colleagues. Erm. I have to exclude one particular colleague though. But she he has shown no signs of pms and emo-ness lately. He deserves some pats on the head bah. LOL.

I guess I'm just too bored. I can't upload photos via my wireless connection! I can't access the other computer via LAN for donno simik reasons. ARGH! Baka! Grrr~!!!! There's something wrong with Burpy, my laptop. Mr. BF said Burpy might be infected with some viruses. Argh!

My Saturday is so boring. I wanna watch the MUMMY 3!!!!!! We watched Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, the overdue sequel of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle last night. It's very racist and it's rated R for strong crude and sexual content, graphic nudity, pervasive language and drug use. No. I'm not hamsap. Kekeke. I like the Burger Shack part and they got Neil Patrick Harris back to the show again. HAHAHA! If you like lawak bodoh movie, I think you would love this bah.

It's time to cook. We will be having Black Pomfret fish tonight. The fish guy charged me RM13 for one fish. Is that expensive? I always fear that those 'kai si lou' at the wet market would charge me more. Sigh. We will be having some vegetable called "Kao Kee" given by my lady boss. I normally can't remember names properly but "Kao Kee" really sounds like "Kao Gay" ma. HAHAHA! Really lei. =P One lady colleague gave her that and my lady boss gave half to me, telling me how nice this vege is. Hmmm. We shall see. See? My boss is nice to me right? Don't envy. LOL.

One more month to go! I'm so excited. You'll know what that is next month! KEKEKE.

I'm still thinking of getting myself a new pet. Hamster or Guinea PIG??!!! Sigh.

OMG. This is really a very ocipala entry with lots of capalang stuffs. I better stop here. Hehe. =P


Pink Cotton said...

haha thats a lot of thigns to blog about...too many that i dnt know which one to comment on..but don get me wrong, i did enjoy reading this post :P

the 2nd harold and kumar is out???dvd or the movies???aiyoo i m so outdated, i just finished wathincg the ffirst one...damn funny :D

Eryn said...

HAHA. Ocipala once in a while ma. =P

Yeah. It's out. Don't think you can watch that in the cinema. Too many obscene stuffs. Haha. 'Downloadable' now. Opss. You din hear this from me.

Redsponge said...

1. It is fun to ajak ur BF for morning activities, give him challenges. Eh, but poor you, become Ms Vampire!

2. Nice boss you have! How is Kao Kee look like?

3. If you asking my opinion, I would say: No hamster. No guinea pig. hahaha ;p

Eryn said...

1) Challenge him? He can be challenged one lei. He can stay up for 24 hours and go hiking after that. Then after hiking, he can still stay up for a few hours before piggying. LOL.

2) Kao Kee ar? Will blog out soon. Haha.

3) HAHA! But I wanna have pets lei. >.<