Friday, August 08, 2008

Olympic 080808

Psst. Who can translate the last pic for me? Something to do with 'Hai Zi. Kan' simik? Hehe. Got two cute piggies so I have to post this entry no matter what. Die die also must blog today eh? =P


soo sean said...

Not perfect translation. But something like this.
Kid, do you see the Olympic Flame?

MisSmall said...

Did those people really climb on the trees or was it photoshopped? That's crazy! And how did that many people actually fit into a tree?!

Pink Cotton said...

hai zi, kan dao bla bla le ma?


i think la

Eryn said...

Soo Sean,
Haha. Thanks for the translation!

Ms Small,
I'm not sure if it's photoshopped or not. But who would be so free to do such thing? Maybe the china peeps are too patriotic and excited! Hehe.

Pink Cotton,
Got 'bla' in chinese one ar? ROFL... Cute la you...