Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pasta Utensils

Although they say it's more accurate to weigh paste for the number of servings needed, the paste measure is a convenient alternative, don't you think? Thanks to Soo Sean's tips, I goggled for paste measuring utensils and look what I found!! They have all sort of paste tools sold online. How come it never cross my mind that they would have such kind of tool lei? =P

#1. Wooden Pasta Server & Measure: $2.99

#2. Progressive Set of 2 Measuring Pasta Colanders: $13.99

#3. 2-in-1 Spaghetti Tool: $5.99

#4. Spaghetti Measure: $1.49

Still, I don't know where can I get these in Malaysia. Anyone? I never see these in the departmental store lei. I think I would like to get either #3 or #4. Hehe.


izso said...

You can get them at the bigger Jaya Jusco's or in Isetan. Oh wait, you're based in Penang. I dunno Penang, but KL has plenty of these. In fact I have #3.

Eryn said...

Izso, Thanks for the info! Will try the Jusco here. Hopefully, I can find one. ;)

Pink Cotton said...

wow this is indeed a useful tool

i always have the tendency to overcook the amount of spaghetti too and ended up eating like a pig

Eryn said...

Pink Cotton,

HAHAHA. Eating like a pig. Me too. =(

pinky said...

kewl! thanks for the tip:) Always cant estimate how much pasta needed. the portion is alawys different everytime i cook:P

Eryn said...

pinky, Yeah. I also found out about the utensils this morning. Haha.