Monday, August 25, 2008

Phuket - Part 1

Before I proceed, CONGRATULATIONS to Red Sponge and hubby on your new born baby. Hehe.


OMG! I promised to blog about my Phuket trip since November 2007. Keke. How time flies. I really miss our honeymoon getaway during Deepavali last year. We spent 5 good days in Phuket: 3 days in Patong Beach, 1 day in Kata Beach and another day island hopping at Phi Phi Island. We took the early flight from Penang to KL so that we can board our flight to Phuket at 12.15 pm. If I'm not mistaken, till now there's no direct flight from Penang yet.

Us, waiting at the airport. I miss my long hair. =(

We're given the arrival and departure card to fill as usual.

We reached Phuket about 1 p.m. and we went straight to the car rental agency at the airport to rent our car. The cheapest rate would be 700 Baht for a lousy jeep but after some negotiations, they're willing to rent us a two-door Nissan car at the rate of 800 Baht a day. Seeing that we won't be needing the car that much, we only rented the car for 1.5 days, so it's 1200 Baht. Altogether, inclusive of the car's delivery back to the airport, it's 1500 Baht.

Comfy car I would say.

Mr. BF was the driver and I'm his walking GPS. LOL. I had to check on the maps to make sure that we were on the right track! Quite tensed as we could not locate our guesthouse after searching the area for nearly 1+ hour! We drove passed the Phuket's Two Heroines Monument which is located in the middle of the island. The weather did not look good at that time too and I was grumbling all the way while locating our hotel. LOL.

This monument is for two brave women who defeated the Burmese in 1785.

Finally, we reached our guest house around 3+. We got really hungry and after checking in, we went food hunting! =P

It's quite cheap and the location is very near to Jungceylon Shopping Mall. ^^

We walked to the nearest shopping mall, Jungceylon Shopping Mall, located in Patong Beach. The two main stores in this complex are Robinson and Carrefour. Apart from that, they have 200 other stores in this new shopping heaven. Yes! It's still new when we went there because we can still see construction going on! That's the MAIN reason we could not locate our guest house in the first place okay? Constructions were everywhere! I'm not that lousy in navigating. =P

Check out how gloomy the sky was. Sigh. It started to rain after we had our lunch but luckily we're equipped with umbrella and rain coat. =P

We had pizzas. We were too hungry to hunt any other food. LOL.

Hmm. It's actually quite nice. I like pizza with thin crust. =P

After lunch, we had a stroll outside the shopping complex. They have this amazing water fountain and a huge ship in the middle.

Nice painting exhibition

Like I said, it was raining and we decided to check out Phuket-Fantasea at night. Friends have been telling us that it's a MUST to visit this place if we go Phuket. Check this out if you're interested.

"Phuket FantaSea not only showcases the charm and beauty of Thailand, but also enriches ancient Thai traditions with the wonder of cutting edge technology and special effects. The result is a stunning 140-acre theme complex, packed with a multitude of activities and entertainment: a Carnival Village with carnivals, games, handicrafts and shopping; a 4,000-seat restaurant offering a grand buffet of Thai and international cuisine; A breath-taking Las Vegas-style theatrical show, where state-of-the-art technology and special effects enhance the beauty of Thailand's Myths, Mysteries and Magic in a wondrous extravaganza certain to delight everyone. " -- Quoted from Phuket-Fantasea website.

The show started at 9 p.m. and we reached there about 7.30 p.m. We spent an hour plus visiting around the place and surprisingly, we had to rush into the theater room at 9 to catch the show!!! I think the performance was amazing and quite cool. I love the part where they dressed up in luminous glow uniforms and hang themselves high up in the air while performing. A note of advice. I think you should spare at least 2 hours before catching the 9 p.m. show because the place is just too BIG! There are too many things to see! Not forgetting to cam whore too. Wakakakakaka. =P

Stay tune for Part 2. I hope I'm hardworking enough to update you guys. Hehe.


Pink Cotton said...

oh my gosh...almost a year dy wei!!

anyway ...nice update...waiting for part 2 :P

soo sean said...

I plan to go Phuket too. So, your phuket post is just at the right time. Hehe. Waiting for your part 2.

Miss J said...

How's the shopping mall? Really nice boh? Got many things to buy? Wow, make me feel like going also leh.. but I'm not really into beaches.

Quick quick blog out part 2, 3, 4, until the end...