Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shopping Obsession

Lately I found out that I can online via meebo at work. Exactly three weeks before leaving the company. Sheesh. Then, Sharon has been sending me LOTS and LOTS of shopping websites while chatting online. Argh! Don't you just hate her? LOL. She shiok shiok can paste me some links or dresses that she likes and asks for my opinion. Revenge was sweet when I pasted her one whole list of shopping websites in one shot! Then she got busy surfing those websites and oh boy. She really went through those websites one by one. LOL.

She said there's a first time in everything including shopping online. I've been tempted N months ago (since last year?) and I kept resisting because I prefer to try on the clothes before buying. Better be safe than sorry no? Somemore I'm fat unlike 'someone' who claims she's fat but apparently she's not. Blek.

Yesterday I got tempted with those dresses and tops online till I had to drag her out to go shopping with me before going for the movie 'Meet Dave'. Screw gym I told her. HAHAHA! The cabo cannot resist in the end and went shopping with me instead. HOHO! In the end, I bought a casual purple dress which I like so much and a formal white top. I can wear them to work next time ma! Yeah. Lame excuse but what the heck. Lama tak shopping! As if la. Hahaha.

Earlier today, I saw this oh-so-cute dress and I couldn't resist myself no more! ARGH!!! I hate you Sharon! When I told her that, she said "Welcome To The Gang!" WTH. >___<"

Cute bo? I like it so much. It's polka dot and the dots are in PINK! Hopefully I can get it within 2-3 days. Can't wait for my very first purchase online! *dancing with joy*

Oh ya. We had fun laughing at the cinema while watching Meet Dave by Eddie Murphy. I have a stupid bf who showed me bad ratings of the movie and decided to ditch me in the end. WTH! Reasons he gave was he does not like Eddie Murphy and his friends said the movie is not nice. Damn. I got pissed off because he should be telling me in the first place instead of ditching me like that. Luckily I did not end up being a 'lightbulb' to Sharon and her 'friend'. She got me a lovely date in the end. Still, I hate you Mr. BF! Hmph!


wyenn said...

haha, welcome to the gang, boodakkkk!

Pink Cotton said...

i shud say welcome to the gang too 'x'

i hv been addicted to online shopping since a year ago! and its addictive!!! u just cannot stop buying...i dont know why!

eh..share lah the websites!...thats a gorgeous dress!
how much?? :)

Miss J said...

Wa! you really bought your first baju online? Like a virgin huh?

How does it feel?

The dress is really cute but how do you know if you can wear it? Use the measurements they normally list out?

I dare not start shopping online, I know I'll get addicted wan

carrie said...

Lol..i just found out i am not the only one who is addicted!! keke:)
i never fail to check them out daily..freaky hurh?