Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sketch And Win

Last week, me and my friends got hooked playing one of the most addictive game in Facebook. It's GUESS THE SKETCH application! You can challenge your friends via this multilayer game of drawing and guessing. ;)

I'm now on the top of the list. Wakakakaka!

Given 10 rounds, one person draws out a randomly selected word or phrase while the rest try to guess the correct word. The faster you guess the word, the higher points you will get. If you're the one drawing, you'll get more points if the rest can guess the correct word faster within the time frame too. This flash game is smart in a way that once you guess the correct word, the correct answer does not show up in the chat box so that others can keep on guessing.

Your vocabulary and spellings are tested too. Check out the # of guess for the word 'marriage'. LOL.

I love this game because it's so funny to see your friends' drawing skills and also all the guesses they try. Kekeke.

Pigu's drawing. LOL. I forgot what he's trying to draw. =P

Check out Banana's guess. LOL.

Mr. BF's drawing! Answer = evil

Again, Mr. BF's cute cute drawing. Answer = Magician

Someone's best horse in the world. LOL.

Mr. BF's drawing. Answer = Fire Escape

Below is Wyenn's drawing. She said she was lagging so the drawing got a bit cacat-ed. LOL. Can you guess what she's trying to draw? Highlight the caption of the picture to get the answer. ;)


I forgot to print screen on the funny ones that my friends drew but Banana redraw again in YM for Wyenn to guess. Yeap. They were joking about my drawing. Sheesh. Try guessing what I'm trying to draw? =P

Hot Potato

I think the funniest drawing would be this!!! Only Banana can come out with things like this! *salute*


Funny isn't it? HAHAHA! Yes. I'm still addicted to the extend that I can play till 5 am with Banana. That was last Saturday if I'm not mistaken. Hehe. Am I turning into a Facebook freak like Mr. BF? NO!!!!!! Gotta go. Have a nice Sunday everyone! I'm joining Mr. BF to play sketch. LOL!!!


Pink Cotton said...

it has been soo long since i last played sth on fb...ok i will login again 2nite :P

Mr J said...

LOL ... How do you capture the screen? Using print screen.. let's play again sometime. I played with my BF last night, it's really hilarious watching people draw and seeing what others are guessing!
Really ROFL ...