Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Alas Moments of Lilian, Erin and Annie

** This is a join entry contributed by Annie, Lilian and me. **

Last Friday, after bidding farewell to my colleagues, I took the night flight to KL. I reached about 11.30 and waited for the ladies to come. They reached after 12 and we got stuck in the jam while nearing Putrajaya exit. We were wondering why there's still a jam since the fireworks (competition) finished like quite sometime ago. Then Lilian told us maybe there's a police road block up ahead. So while we're like bumper to bumper with other cars, Lilian complained she's hungry. So, we ate some the chocolates (Merci chocolates are nice!!!) that she bought for her futsal tournament while complaining "Aiyo, fat lor" (Typical girl's complains).

Erin: Ngaiti, fat lor...
Annie: Haiya, we're on holiday. When you're on holiday, don't care so much about fat or what. Eat all you want. After holiday then only you worried and start dieting.. HAHA!
Erin: Like that also can. >.<
Of course la.. Hahahah... Hmmmm, the green one with the almonds is nice. Erin, you want?
Erin: WANT!!! (Macam hantu kelaparan)
Lilian: You girls can drive manual cars right? (I'm a no-no to manual car while Annie is a yes-yes.)
Annie: Can, mine also manual.
Lilian: Oh good. If it's a roadblock then you can take over my place and drive.
Annie: Oh, okay. (Continue eat chocolates.)

After a while,

Annie: Eh, why you can't drive?
Lilian: My license expired already. I haven't renew it. (Paiseh look)
Annie: Oh, sure no problem. I can drive. (Continue eat chocolate again)

After a while,

Annie: Eh, wait! I checked my license first. Dunno expired already or not. (Take out license.) Waa, mine is also expired. Some more expired like 2 month ago. Longer than yours. Hahahaha...

(Hysterical/panicky laughter from all 3 girls)

Annie: Ngaiti, some more last week in Malacca, I was also stopped by the police. Good thing never asked for my license... T_T
Erin: Ngaiti, I dunno how to drive manual la!!! >.<
Nevermind, usually the police don't stop girls one. Just act natural and look innocent can liao.

When we got nearer to the roadblock,

Lilian: Oh no! (panicky)

Annie: Stay calm girl. Look normal, act normal then sure no problem one.

At this time, I was on the phone with Mr. BF and was explaining why we sounded so panicky. It's because I'm the only one whose driving license isn't expired and do not know how to drive a manual car. LOL. I learnt before but I returned all my knowledge to my instructor shamefully. Then the moment we dreaded arrived. Tweng tweng tweng. Three girls cold sweat as nearing the police, hoping and praying that they'd just skip us. But alas, bad luck, they stopped us! The policeman shone the torch at us and then WAVED US TO THE SIDE!!!! So Lilian drove over to the side all the while going "OMG! How ar?" and Annie kept saying "Relax, just act normal". Padahal, she was also scared and I was still on the phone! ROFL! Then another policeman came over over and Lilian wound down the window a bit.

Mr. Policeman: Kenapa sudah lewat malam masih kat luar? Dari mana? (Why are you girls out so late? Where are you coming from?)
Lilian: Pergi Airport ambil kawan (Points to Erin who's STILL on the phone at the back) (We went to Airport to fetch my friend.)
Mr. Policeman: Ok! Boleh pergi. (Okay, you girls may go.)
Lilian: Huh? Oh, okay.
Annie: Lilian! Can go liao... fast!!!!! (Laughing out loud with Lilian)

Annie: Wuah, we're saved!!!
Erin: (Finally off the phone) Ngaiti. You two didn't wind up the window yet. The police can hear you laugh leh...

LOL. Crazy night I know. We got hungry (even after eating the chocolates) and Lilian suggested dimsum. I was surprised that we can actually find dimsum to eat at 2 in the morning!! The place was at Sri Petaling and we slowed down while hunting for the exact shop. A car was honking us at the back but Lilian ignored him and kept searching. Then, he cut us, wound down his window and showed us his middle finger! HAHA! Pity Sharon wasn't there or else she would finger him back. =P

The shop is called Clan Restaurant and they have one specialty called Kai Woh Pao. I obtained the name from this site because everything at the shop was written in Chinese. There were newspaper cutting everywhere and posters introducing this dish and we just simply point to order.

Kai Woh Pao

The taste was superb! It's a mixture of pao and lo mai kai together. Cool isn't it?

It's a must to try really! So, next time if you go Sri Petaling, remember to order this cool Kai Woh Pao! Hehe. We ordered dimsums too and I kept complaining how fat we gonna get after this. Sigh.

Another thing I wish to recommend is THIS!!!! I don't know the exact name for this but it has century egg and duck egg fillings. *slurp*

Stay tune for Part 2 of "The Alas Moments of Lilian, Erin and Annie." Hehe. Before signing off, YOU TWO BETTER RENEW YOUR DRIVING LICENSE ASAP!! LOL!


Lilian said...

oi perempuan, Annie, u dah renew? Kekeke.. I believe ur answer is the same as mine.. ;p

fooi said...

You guys and girls really have a colorful night. I think we have nothing to be afraid. They would not ask your driving license. Unless you were suspicious. :)

Anyway, the dishes of the dim sum really make my stomach making sound. :)

Ai-Ling said...

Great pics of food. Yummy :)

Annie said...

Ermmm.... hehe... hehehe...
no chet... :P

Miss J said...

Erin, better start learning how to drive manual again... or ask lilian to change to auto car.. he he