Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Alas Moments of Lilian, Erin and Annie - Season 2

** Gossip Girl Season 2 is OUT! Heroes Season 3 will be out end of this month**

After dim sum, Lillian drove us to her place… or so I thought… while we were busy yakking in the car, I noticed that we’re on the way to Mid Valley. When I voiced this out, Annie said that we’re going to do some midnight shopping at Jusco (DOH!) before heading to Lillian’s place. But then the smart me know that it's not true. It turned out we’ll be staying at Cititel Hotel courtesy of Lillian and her bf. We were so touched as she told us it would be a girls night out! So sweet of her really. =D

We spent the whole Saturday morning lazying in the hotel room while waiting for Lilian to come back. Poor girl only slept for a few hours before rushing to her futsal tournament early in the morning and joined us back in the afternoon. She looked tired so we asked Annie to drive instead while I lead the way to Sri Hartamas. Another funny incident happened when we’re almost there! We wanted to make a U-turn because we missed the junction. After the U-turn, Annie was concentrating on not missing the junction again thus didn’t notice that there was a car driving towards us. I screamed and Annie swerved to the right (thought she was on the wrong lane), but alas there’s also a car coming towards us from the other lane. It was then that we realized it’s actually a damn 1 way road with arrows pointing at the wrong direction!!! Lilian who was talking to her mum at that time, was totally speechless before joining me and Annie who by that time were laughing hysterically at our mistakes… with hearts beating like we’ve just finished a marathon. We finally managed to find a nice parking spot before settling on where to have our brunch. Lunch was at some random western restaurant as the Japanese restaurant I recommended is closed. It was 3 p.m. at that time.

Fattening right? Lilian is a REALLY SMALL EATER and both me & Annie had to sapu most of the food. After lunch, it’s shopping time!! We spent hours and hours at Cat Whiskers and some of the boutiques there. LOL. After that, we decided to head over to The Curve flea market but when we passed by another block of shop houses, we saw more boutiques and decided to stop by to check them out. We ended up not going to The Curve but instead spent hours hopping from one boutique to another. Both me and Lilian ended up changing into our new dresses before leaving the boutiques where we bought our dresses from. Haha. I know. We're crazy. =P

After all the time and energy spent on shopping, of course we’ll be hungry right? So, we went back to check if the Japanese restaurant is open, which is. YAY!! It’s my favorite Japanese restaurant of all time, The Green Room. Blogging about it only makes me hungry. Argh.

The garlic rice is highly recommended. =P

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and reached at about 9+. Since it’s still early, we decided to either go clubbing or watch movie. Since I'm a big NONO to clubbing, I opted for movie! LOL. We watched 4bia and GOSH! It's terrible to sit between these 2 girls while watching the movie. Every touch or grab from Lilian made me jump and scream. Lilian is a big NONO to horror movie but she agreed to it since the two of us wanted to watch it so badly. She spent most of the time covering her face and each time she looked up the screen, it so happened that it was showing the scariest part! Then it’ll be screaming and grabbing at me all the way which in turn freaked me out and I ended up screaming along with her too. Annie on the other hand got freaked out and then hit me when I tried to grab her and she (being the brave one) spent most of the time covering her eyes with her fingers, peeping through just enough to read the subtitles. Brave konon la. As for Lilian, haih, I know better than to sit next to her next time if we ever watch a horror movie again. Let someone else be the victim of her screaming and grabbing. Haha! The movie consist of 4 different short horror stories laced with humor, the ghost or whatever you call it kept popping out non stop so it’s a feast of screaming and laughing in the cinema. What an experience but it's definitely recommended. =P

I guess this entry is too lengthy liau. Hehe. Before I end, here are some pics instead. Hehe.

Shopping spree!

The ladies.

Annie and Lilian.

Here's ONE pic that I love a lot! It's me and Annie dressing up in the very same dress. Lilian got confused on which color to pick so we had to become her model instead. Guess which color she bought in the end? =P

She picked blue but I still love the yellow one. =P


MisSmall said...

How fun! A gals' day out! Not forgetting the shopping and pigging out too. :D

And yes, yay for season 2 of Gossip Girl! :)

Miss J said...

You girls wear the same size ka?
So good, can share your clothes.

Pink Cotton said...

hahaha so fun...

yay for heroes S03! =)