Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flying Chillies

We wasted two days of free hotel breakfast as the three of us couldn't not wake up early. LOL. We managed to drag ourselves out of bed at 11+ and checked out at 12. Brunch was at Flying Chilies located at Pavilion's highest floor. It's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are a Thai food lover.

Spicy tom yam with prawns. *drool*

I think I'm tomyam addicted. I must have tomyam every week! ^^

Wrapped Chickens.

Even their tofu is nice. =p~

This is a MUST to order. Paad Thai Noodle with Prawns.
It tasted exactly like the one I had in Phuket before. 100% seriously!!!

They should say Khob Khun Kha to me since I'm promoting their restaurant for free.
Any free lunchie? La la la.

Some camwhoring before we went for shopping (again)!

** Updated **
I had to remove the pic of Annie's earrings (super freaking RM40+ earrings) because she said someone might recognized her in some forum. @__@

We shopped in Mid Valley till 3+ before going our separate ways. Two days with these 2 girls are really FUN I tell you. We yakked, shopped, ate and camwhored non stop! Couldn't believe we can still yak so much after chatting daily via office mail. ROFL. I miss you girls! Hehe. Hopefully there will be another trip for the 3 of us in the near future. Hehe. Oh ya. Thank you Lilian for planning such a sweet surprise for me and Annie. We kept pushing money to her (for the hotel room) and she kept rejecting! Can you believe that? Who would say NO to money? LOL.

I met up with my parents at another hotel at Sungai Wang about 4 I think. We went shopping again (LOL) and I got so pissed when I found out that one of the shops there is selling the very same top for RM25 (and I bought it at Sri Hartamas for RM40+!!!!). ARGH!!!! Then, as usual, we went Jalan Alor for our favourite Hokkien Mee. Yum. Sigh. I'm so FAT right now I tell you.

After eating, we went shopping again and about 9 something, Dad got hungry and we went for his favourite pork porridge and fried oyster. We've been visiting this porridge stall for about 5-6 years liao and the price kept increasing! But it still taste so GOOD. Yum.

Hungry yet? It's 2 am now and I'm still awake! Hahaha. It's a holiday today ma. Yippie! And now, I present to you (AGAIN) my cute hammies!!

Cheeky eating.

Chocky was sleepy when I snapped his pics. LOL.


He's still sleeping even when Cheeky went to kacau him! Cute desu.

He's awake at last.

Is he trying to shave his legs? Hahaha. Cute la. =P

La la la. It's time to sleep. It's 2.40 now. -_______-"


Ai-Ling said...

hey, the pics of food are making me drool for thai food now :D

Irenelim said...

Did you buy Jalan Alor Hokkien Mee for your hammies? lol.

Eryn said...

Ai Ling, Me too! But still, I have to blog about it. LOL. Makes me hungry nia seeing those pics.

Irene, LOL. Hammies and Thai food are two different story lei. Don't link them together. =P

iamdoryfish said...

eryn: your friend's earing cost rm40? omg.. why so expensive? Yer, you are having holiday! my company is not observing! :( work work work

Eryn said...

Yeah! It's really 40+. Haha.
That's why I referred her as siao cabo! :P

Annie said...

it's RM45 to be exact... :P
I know it's expensive...
but then I REALLY LIKE IT!!
took me quite sometime to make up my mind too....
but then no regrets and so far i have never seen it sold anywhere else..
Ohh, and i'm making my money worth by wearing it always... hahaha