Sunday, September 28, 2008

Foo Kooi Mee

During weekend, we would purposely drive to town for this! I don't think we can find this around Bayan Lepas area. Tell me if I'm wrong. =D

Located right next to the football field at Dato Keramat Road, there are plenty of food stalls there. The first time I tried the Foo Kooi Mee, I didn't quite like it. Then, I tried ordering the Wan Tan Mee (I see lots of ppl eating that) and I don't think it's nice too. In the end, I find myself falling in love with Foo Kooi Mee and it's a must to have at least once a month. Hehe.

In Penang, for Curry Mee, Hokkien Mee and Foo Kooi Mee, they usually like to mix the yellow noodle with mihun together. I'm fussy in food and I don't eat that kind of yellow noodle but for Foo Kooi Mee, it's exceptional. The rest, I would prefer if it's only mihun. Mr. BF! Do you hear me? He always complain I'm fussy. Blek.

Other than Foo Kooi Mee, we would order one Char Siew Pao to share and few Siew Mais. I love the Char Siew
Pao there although the guy selling is quite lansi. Maybe he knows he sells yummy Char Siew Pao and that's why he's lansi la. LOL.

Once, Mr. BF's mum purposely tapao 20 char siew paos back to Kuching so that she can distribute them as souvenir from Penang. Amazing but it's true!

Siew Mai in Kuching is still the best though. ^_^

Hungry yet? =P


iamdoryfish said...

i need to try! been here for four years d >_<

Ă…nGe|e said...

I love hopping here cause I know I'll find great food pics! Hahaha :P

Plus it gives me the chance to discover some dishes I've never come across in my own country.

Zeekco said...

welcome to my area! i live just 5 mins away from the padang hawker centre. did you tried the Wan Ton Mee. its the best in town, i swear. been eating it since i was a lil kid. Now i can wallop 3 bowls.

Miss J said...

did Mr Bf's mom really ta pao 20 char siew pao? Waaa... it must be really nice for her to do that worr..

i like char siew pao, maybe will go and try one day when my bf is around..

soo sean said...

It is at Padang, right?
I will order this whenever I go there.
I can't find the same name dish in other places but I found that it is quite similar to Lam Mee.

Eryn said...

Soo Sean,

Yeah it's at Padang. The one nearer to Caltex. Hmmm. Yeah. I think it's like Lam Mee but I don't know how to differentiate them. =P