Friday, September 12, 2008

Free to Roam

I was cleaning up Jelly's cage last night and I let him roam freely in the living room. I didn't think that much on how a guinea pig can do until the LCD monitor went malfunction! And this is what we found.

Gosh. Now I don't wish to rear guinea pig anymore. Hamster is still the best. And Mr. BF is going to get me a pair of hammies this weekend! Yippie!


Miss J said...

OMG! I'm so sorry.
Can the monitor be fixed?

The Devil said...

ho ho ho... luckily it is only the vga/dvi cable rite?

if power cable.. u can have bbq guinea pig as dinner d :P

Zeekco said...

hello eryn! read in your blog u've change job. r u still in penang?? don leave penang lar.. such a beautiful place. Also if you stay here, you can improve your hokkien, indulge in more delicious food and be more kiasu also. LOL. (sharon?!) hahah.... she;s so gonna kill me if she sees this. Kidding lar.

anyway. keep the post coming.

cc said...

Gosh! Hope the little thing is not hurt! Er... what is the different between guinea pig and hamster? I have absolutely no idea. LOL

Miss J said...

devil - my bro is planning to cook my guinea pig! sob sob... why you guys so mean... he's just a cute little piggie you know

Irenelim said...

Wow, he must be really hungry!