Sunday, September 21, 2008

Girls' Day Out

Mr. BF is out of town and I'm oh-so-free now. The naughty him kept on tempting me with all sorts of Kuching food on and off. That bugger went back home last month when I was in HK and again this month! Grrr. Oh well. This is my first time spending time alone without him in Penang and it actually feels good to be alone. LOL.

Me and Sharon decided to go for lemak laksa this morning. She kept on recommending how nice the laksa is compared to the one I had in Balik Pulau. We had to call in advance (can mail me or Sharon for the #) to check if the laksa lady is cooking lemak laksa or not. As I was told, she only sells the normal assam laksa. Before the Kek Lok Si temple, you can actually find a lot of food stalls and this particular stall is just on your right.

Gosh. It's so fattening and yet it's soooo tempting

Yup. I love the lemak laksa. I even told Sharon I will bring my friends here next time instead of the one in Balik Pulau before heading to Kek Lok Si for a visit. It's SO convenient and near! Haha. After brunch, we went to India Street to do eyebrow threading. I'm now 2x years old and this is my very first time ever to trim my eyebrow!!!!!!!! Can you believe that? Mum said I'm such a lazy bum. Haha. It only costed me 5 bucks and it's done in less than 5 minutes time. For first timer, it's definitely painful. Sobs.

After that, we went urm... SHOPPING! The main intention was to get the Gisele slippers (oh they're so pretty!!!) but we ended up with more things. When you have the intention to buy something, you'll end up with nothing I feel. But when you don't plan to buy anything, you end up with a lot of things! Me and Sharon hate each other so much. We do damage to each other as always and oh well, it's definitely fun to go shopping with people who know your taste and of course have good taste. HAHAHA! Since I just got my hair straighten last weekend, I decided to hunt for some good hair treatment thingy. In the end, I bought the Redken super cream for RM67.50! Hopefully, it can provide all the treatment I need for my dry hair. *pray*

We actually spent 6 long hours in the shopping mall, going from shop to shop. After our dinner at McD, we decided to head to FOREVER 21 as our last stop. Sharon said she can actually spend the whole afternoon in Forever 21! LOL. Gosh I love the dresses there! I ended up buying two but it's really cheap compared to the normal price. Hehe. I'm so happy!

Which one is nicer? Tell me! Haha. I've been wanting to get a Gingham dress and I ended up with something unique like this. It's actually pants you see. Hehe. Camwhore in the fitting room eh? Someone definitely beat me in this area I tell you. See how many dresses she tried out? LOL.

Upon returning home, I saw him lying still in the cage and I knew he's gone. He had been so restless and been sleeping whole day lately. Gosh. He's just too young to die I feel. =(

The oh-so-famous Chocky is in hamster heaven now sadly.

Now I can't snap photo of him doing this anymore. I only started rearing him 5 days ago. Argh!!!!

Chocky in Cute Overload.

Sigh. I thought they have longer life span compared to the pearl hammies I used to have. =(


Miss J said...

So sorry about Chocky
May he rest in peace in hammy heaven.

Miss J said...

Forgot to comment about your new dressed :P

Blue dress makes you look sexy :P

I like the gingham one more, it's unique and it's a DRESS PANTS!

I always wanted one of those but due to my wide hips I never manage to fit inside one

How much did they cost you? =)

Eryn said...

=( yeah. sigh. poor Chocky.

Both dresses cost me less than 100 bucks. And it's at FORERVER21! Haha! I'm so happy. =P

Sharon said...

LOL yes we 'hate' each other so much and yet we still hangout hehe.

we should have just spend 6 hours in forever 21 leh!

sad bout choky's death too :( dont even get to see him!

cc said...

Poor thing!

First one is glam and second one is chic.

Irenelim said...

Both the dresses look nice! :)

banana said...

Sorry about ur chocky :(
it somehow happened earlier than I expected...