Friday, September 26, 2008

Hair Band Anyone?

*** This is obtained from forwarded email so I do NOT know how true it is ***

Take a good look before buying hair bands in future ?

Take a pair of scissors and do that.

These Hair bands were made from used condoms and threads. That's so disgusting, I would not want to use them!!

These rubber hair bands have been found in local markets and beauty salons in Dongguan and Guangzhou cities in southern Guangdong province. Despite being recycled, the hair bands could still contain bacteria and viruses. Imagine people being infected with AIDS, (genital) warts or other diseases when they hold the rubber bands or strings in their mouths while waving their hair into plaits or buns!!!!! DISGUSTING no?


Anonymous said...

What the FUCK, this one is a bloody hoax since 2006 or earlier LAH. Go google can or not? Where can so easy to find so many condoms, collect them than transport them to the factory?

JustinKC said...

owh.......disgusting la

Re!D [TeaSeRS] said...

haha lol... :-)

Eryn said...

This is my blog and I can blog about anything I like. It's LAST YEAR's news, so what? Nothing's wrong to blog about it right? Nobody force you to read my entry on that. @.@

Yeap. IT IS!! Don't know if it's true or not though. But who cares. I like the idea behind it. LOL.

Thanks for visiting.