Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hamsters Overload

On Friday night, we brought home two little angels and I have trouble identifying them still. Can mama hammies have twins? LOL.

Who are you? What are you looking at?

Where are we? Where's mama and papa?

Lonely Cheeky was excited and curious of course!!! That's the first time I see him being so active running around in his cage.

Shoo! I wanna play in the wheel too!


Being the cheeky one, he tried to check out if the new occupants are female or not. This makes me wonder how hamsters mate. They like to hump from behind. @___@

A Spark-Filled Kiss happened that lonely night but in the end, Cheeky discovered that both his new friends are actually male like him.

Then, he decided to be a monk for the rest of his life and be a vegetarian. ROFL. The truth is Roborovski Hamsters are the only Hamster species which is nearly completely vegetarian.

They love broccoli and corn.

Their little playground every night.
They said you have to play with your hammies at least 2 hours a day. I wonder how true is that. ^^

Now, here are tons of hamsters photo ahead! See if you can see the differences between the TWO.

Let's cuddle and sleep. ^^

Sand bath anyone?

Am I sexy?

Let me out of here, you wicked witch!!!

Oh ya. I finally decide to name them Dewey (from the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle) and Chooey (thought of using Chewy but 'Choo'ey has the word PIG ma). LOL. But, I still don't know how to differentiate the two of them yet. We shall see. =P

Before I end this entry, let's see what my friends have to say, shall we?

Robin: Hammies, stay alive for 1 week. Then only I name you.
Banana: Another two. Name them Robin & Salim.Then robin will pray hard that they wont die.
Pigu: Poor hammies tortured again.
Alex: Call them Ah Beng, Ah Huat, Ah Lian, Ah Seng or Ah Huoy. Easy to remember.
The Devil: You hammy killer!
Bill: Stop! That's enough disposable hammies already. I give the Robo hammy 2 full days before it is reduced to a pile of non-functioning junk. Better to live in the wild and risk being eaten by cats and birds of prey... rather to be caught by you, and forced to become gay/les. PETA: Stop cruelty to hammies ~!

Now, I'm known as hamster killer. ^_^


Miss J said...

Where did you get the two new hammies? Now 3 boy hammies... can share or not? Or will they fight?
But... really cute overload la

Eryn said...

Hmm. I got them somewhere at Jelutong. Hehe. So far, the 3 of them are behaving well. Robos are very friendly one, compared to other breed. They are extremely social and affectionate with each other.

cc said...

They are simply adorable! Look at those tiny little feet! :D