Sunday, September 07, 2008

In Hiatus

Hello peeps! Sorry for no update. I was too busy to update my blog before going off for my 1 week break. Hehe. Here's a pic for you to guess where I went. I got a week of laundry to do, bed sheet to wash/change and hours of sleep to take before starting my big day tomorrow! Yeah. I'm starting my new job tomorrow and I just landed at Penang 4 hours ago! Super tiring I know.

I got lots to blog so do come back for more in a day or two. Tata. =P


The Devil said...

hong kong?

cc said...

Hey, I'll be heading there end of Oct! Really looking forward to my trip.

MisSmall said...

Hong Kong!

It's always hectic to jump right into work after a holiday. I've done it enough times to know. So good luck tomorrow, gal. Pile up the caffeine. :P

Irenelim said...

Did you get to meet up with Jackie Chan? Haha...

iamdoryfish said...

i want holiday as well!!

Eryn said...

Devil, Yes HK! So obvious right? LOL.

CC, Oct? I just heard that it's quite pricey to go in Oct. Weather is freaking hot too.

MissSmall,I did! Two cups in a day. =P

Irene, No. I didn't visit the wax museum. Not that interested. Haha.

Dory, Going Ipoh is also considered a holiday ma.

Miss J said...

I know that place. Walk of fame in Hong Kong. I took a picture there too. I think it was Leon Lai's hand print or something.

YOu really geng... 4 hours of sleep

My trip was super tiring too, will update you more.

Oh yea, give me your new work email please... :))