Saturday, September 27, 2008

Line Up Please

It's 2.50 a.m. and I'm still awake. Too bloated till I cannot sleep. Having supper after 12 is like so sinful. Yeah man. Tell me about it. My diet plan failed big time again sadly. We drove to town after 12 and reached the place at 12.30. I forgot to bring my watch and hand phone but I estimated that we waited for like 30 mins or more to QUEUE. Nah. I did not QUEUE but waited for Mr. BF to QUEUE instead. I think there were like 10 people (or more) queuing in front of him lei. The shop is called NASI (rice) BERATUR (queue) and YES. You have to line up patiently and wait for your turn to place order. See how long the queue is below?

They appeared in Kosmopolitan Newspaper before too. Nasi kandar tulen (pure)!!!
For those who don't know what Nasi Kandar is, check this link out.

Located next to Masjid Kapitan Keling at Leboh Buckingham (somewhere at India Street, Penang), this shop starts operating from 10 pm till 9 am. We drove past this place several times at night and we always get to see a long queue outside the shop. So, it's a MUST to try no matter what right? It always make me wonder how tasty nasi kandar can be compared to other mamak stalls. LOL. Well, we definitely find our night fruitful. The food is GOOD and we're quite satisfied. I love the fried chicken so much!!!! *sinful*

My mildly flavored rice with lady fingers, squid and curry chicken.

Mr. BF's - Fried chicken, steamed egg and cabbages. But we shared all the side dishes of course!

Arghhhh. Still full after 2 hours. Now I'll excuse myself as it's time to play with my two new little angels. *blurp*


The Devil said...

do u know that, actually... klang bak kut teh is also started off as nasi kandar? :D

Eryn said...

:O ya meh? that, I donno lo. =P

Miss J said...

wa lauu... you and mr bf can really eat at any hour

respect respect