Friday, September 26, 2008

Mango Attack

It's been ages since I last updated. One main excuse is I'm being lazy and another excuse is I always blog when I got nothing to do at work. That's how I utilize the available resources at work. LOL. I've been busy lately plus the fact that my manager is sitting right behind me, so you see. I keep having this feeling that someone is eyeing on my monitor every now and then. =P

Since someone's complaining, I should better write something here before my faithful readers start abandoning my blog. This will jump to my second day of my trip in Hong Kong. We'll get back to Macau later shall we? Most of the bloggers recommend that it's a must to try the mango puddings and desserts in Hong Kong. So there I was, with my parents at this shop called Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert at Tsim Sha Tsui.

Actually, they have many branches and I guess everywhere I go, I can find this shop easily. It's a good pitshop for something refreshing and cold especially when the weather was hot. I was sweating all over everyday and I got so tanned now. Not that I'm really that fair but still... There are really a lot of desserts available (mostly mango) until I did not know what to order.

We opted for the simplest mango pudding and this!

Definitely not cheap as it's only fruits. Huhu.

LOL. They call this Mango and Coconut Noodle.

Mixed fruits (nothing special).

Mango Pudding.

See the scoop of freezed coconut filling with mango juice?
It's yummy but too much of that will make you feel URGH.

Oh well. I guess I expect it to be better but somehow I got disappointed. I wonder why people keep saying how nice their mango desserts are. That all depend on everyone's different liking I guess. I still prefer the Mango Lo Lo that we can find at Jalan Alor, KL. LOL.


Miss J said...

What is Mango Lo Lo?
I had the mango dessert too when I was there last year...
It is nice when you first start to dig in but can feel a bit urghh after a while.. so I think the trick is in the serving size
And yea, everything is expensive in HK...

Eryn said...

Ms J,

Mango lolo is... urm... donno how to describe that lei. You can hunt that down at Jln Alor, near Sg. Wang for sure.

cc said...

I'm going to HK beginning of NOV, can't wait!