Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Me and My New Job

Day 1

Day 1 was spent totally on orientation at another plant. I was quite nervous the night before and for some reasons, my left eye itched and I rubbed it when I was sleeping. Then the nightmare came when I woke up the next day. I could barely open my left eye and when I looked into the mirror, my double eyelid was missing!!! Serious!!! I took at least 20 minutes to 'find' my double eyelid. Tools like mascara and eyelash curler were used. I tried rubbing my eye over and over again and it could not get any better. I got so pissed really! Argh. How can this happen on my first day reporting to duty? One eye was big and another was small plus sepet. It got worse when I had to take photo for my badge. Sobs.

Day 2

I went to the main plant to report duty. My good *cough* looking *cough* boss was there to bring me into the office instead of some HR girl whom I'm supposed to meet. Hehe. He then told me that he had to attend some seminar. I got my laptop and I was thankful that I don't have to stare at the documents whole day while waiting for him. So, during lunch time, I had to join my friend instead of my own teammates. Nvm. I'm that friendly though. Haha! I still have to work on my PR skills sadly. Boss came back at 4 and he introduced a lot of people to me. I couldn't even remember one single name/face except the name Dennis. LOL. On my way back from work, my eye got itchy again and it turned out to be so red. It's really scary. Tears kept pouring and I really pray hard that it will recover in no time. Sheesh.

Day 3

No complaints on my eye today luckily. I'm SO thankful! Haha. I was so busy today (imagine 4 meetings after 1.30) and I wanted to blog so much! My good *cough* looking *cough* boss said there's some changes in the team and I'll be reporting to a lady boss. Argh!!! Grrr! Somehow I think men will make a nicer boss compared to women because I believed women are more 'ngiao' and men are more 'cincai'. Hahaha! =P

Iskh. I'm supposed to be blogging on my trip instead of this. LOL. I think I'll be learning a lot here compared to my old company. Things here are more structured and organized. I guess it's good to jump around to learn new things when you're still young no? We shall see how long I'll be here. Hehe.

Oh well. I'm babysitting Jelly again! I miss Sooty so much. Argh. Sooty was here to play with Jelly last time and now she's gone. Sigh.

Look at his paws! @__@

His nose is black and pink! Amazing huh? His mummy is so proud of him and his multi color.

See how hungry he is? And how long his body is when he stretches himself!!!

I promise I'll blog about my trip tomorrow. Kekeke. Time to sleep liao. Good night guys!


Pink Cotton said... kesian on day 1...
and yea..i also think like u lor,we r young should jump around abit and expose ourselves to different working environments..or else wait till wanto retire baru jump meh 'x' luck with your lady boss...i work under lady boss too =x

Miss J said...

I miss my Jelly!
Tonight I drop by see him for a bit... ok??? Miss my baby lots!!

Your double eye lid also can hilang... same like me but I never bother to look for it if it's temporarily lost as it'll just come back much later on...

Please blog your trip liao...

Irenelim said...

Jelly is so cute! ;->

Miss J said...

thanks irene... i think my jelly is cute too

oh yea.. forgot to mention that i work under a lady boss too...

the thing is she shares a lot with us about her children lo... and she's more understanding if you have to take time off for family matters