Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh Happy Me!

It's so easy to make me happy really. Last Saturday, we went to the pet shop in Dato Keramat and looked for Roborovskii hamsters. The hammies there are dirtier and more expensive compared to the ones sold at the shop that we often visit. So, we went back to that particular shop and I was told that there's only one Roborovskii left!!! I was so disappointed. =(

I couldn't wait no more so I dragged Mr. BF to hunt Roborovskii hammies around Bayan Lepas. First shop only sells Golden Hamsters but the pet shop at Sg. Nibong sells Roborovskii!! I'm so happy! You must be wondering how Roborovskii hammies look like and why I choose them among other breeds right?

Basically, they live, on average, to three and a half years of age - the longest of any domestic hamster. Yay! Let's just pray that they can teman me for a year or two. They are gentle but extremely fast. Not suitable for kids lo. I couldn't get hold on them when they tried to wriggle free and jump from my hand. I guess they just got panicked. Somehow, they make ideal pets for those who basically want a pet that's active and interesting to watch.

Let us out of here!!

Hi. My name is Chocky. You can call me Chocko. I'm brown in color and I love chocs!
That's why I'm called Chocko. Not because I choke on my food okay?!?! *touch wood*

Mumi doesn't know how old I am (she forgot to ask the taukeh)
but I'm definitely younger than him, my cagemate!

He's camera shy. Not as sporting as me right? He has 3 colors and I only have two.
Tell me I'm cuter!! Sobs.

Opss. We are not doing anything obscene here. La la la.

That's Cheeky. Mama named him Cheeky because he's ... Cheeky la! (You can call him Cheeko too.)
I won't be telling you why Mumi named him that. I'm supposed to act innocent. La la la.

Mumi loves this photo the most! We are so pro in cam-ham-whoring!

We are Agouti Robo's. We have adorable little white eyebrows which everybody knows and loves.
Can you spot my cute eyebrows?

I like cam-ham-whoring! This is my favourite spot in the cage. Normally I would hide at the slit there so that Mumi couldn't catch me!

Now I got new pets to play with. Hehe. Aren't they cute? =))


wyenn said...

somehow, i think you new hammies are cuter than sooty n tooty ler. dont know why, maybe they are more pro in cam-ham-whoring?

The Devil said...

roborovski hammies bite rite? so as to the dwarf hammies and all the small size hammies... rite?

last time my housemate got those white/grayish type.. fogot the name d... have to wear gloves to catch them, if not, kena bite...

fooi said...

Yeah! I think is cute. I pretty afraid of them because they will bite. Last time, i had a long hair hamster, they are tame. :)

Ă…nGe|e said...

Ohh how cute they are! Cheeky has a bigger "nose" than Chocky?? o.O

roborovskihamsters said...

Hi, those are lovely little Robo's!

I'm to owner of Roborovski's very rarely bite. Instead, when scared, they run. Run like hell.