Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh It's a Happy Sunday!

We had dim sum early in the morning so therefore, lunch was late today. Around 2, Mr. BF drove me to this food fair and I really wondered if there's still food left at such hour. Why Happy Sunday then? It's a charity food fair organized by SPCA and that's why it's a HAPPY SUNDAY! I get to play with DOGGIES and taste nice food besides doing charity! LOL!

RM20 was spent on lunchie today. ^^

There are many food selection and we opted for PIZZA of course. Argh. I feel so guilty having pizza again because we just had DOMINO PIZZA on Thursday! I love their chizstick so much. Yum.

RM8 for a small pizza.

It's not that filling as it's for charity ma. What's cute about this event is each stall is tagged with a picture of a doggy. Hehe. ^^

Cute right? It says pay RM8 for Frankie's Pizza and you're helping this poor dog.

Our Hawaiian Chicken. Yum.

2 hot dog pancakes vs 4 coconut pancakes for RM4

RM 3 for a hot dog fried in some bread I think.

After filling up our tummies, we walked around snapping photos of course! Anyone wanna consider adopting a dog or perhaps a cat? A year ago, we drove to SPCA in Jelutong to check out the pets they have but they were closed on that Saturday afternoon. Then, we never try visiting that place anymore. One day, maybe. =P

Keen to adopt a pet?

We missed two of the dog shows and I was so disappointed! If I know they are having this event earlier, maybe I would drag Mr. BF there early in the morning. Hehe.

Gosh. I wanna kidnap the GOLD one home! Someday I will.

I don't mind having this at home too.

Of course, dog whoring! Little 1 yr old Husky Boy is shy. LOL.

What a wonderful Sunday right? Besides playing with my hammies, I get to play with doggies! Kekeke. For more information, you can go to SPCA website or visit them at this address! If you're not based in Penang, perhaps you can check out the SPCA near you. And this is not a paid post. Haha.

Name: Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals
Address: Jalan Jeti Jelutong, 11600 Penang, Malaysia
Tel/Fax: (04)2816559

So, how's your Sunday? Is it as delightful as mine? =P


The Devil said...

that husky is cantikkkkkkkk

but kena sleep in aircond room 1 le...

Ă…nGe|e said...

Ohh the husky is so cute! I've always love husky and I wish I had one too :(

Irenelim said...

Wow, you had a wonderful Sunday! Play with doggies, had nice food and contribute to the charity! - that's awesome!

DiEsE said...

waaaahhhhhh... i've marked this event in my calendar but totally forgot bout it... since i'm in kl @ the same day... XD

Miss J said...

i like the husky. the ones here are a smaller version of the ones they have in australia. but i do think they'd be too hot to keep here unless you let them stay in air cond room.

and if i had known this event! i also wanna go too.. ah well