Monday, September 22, 2008

Pet for Adoption

Remember him? The tri-color guinea pig with pink and black nose which is always featured in CRAPPYHEAD?

Now, the owner (Jocelyn) is looking for a new home for him (Little Jelly) as I cannot afford to adopt him. Mr. BF won't wanna clean Jelly and his bedding if I'm away for vacation/home. That's why. Too bad. Besides, I think I would prefer if he's a hamster. =P

For more information regarding the adoption, please refer to this link. For more cute pictures of Jelly, please refer here and also here. Thanks!


maoi said...

poor jelly...
homeless soon.... :(

Miss J said...

haiya... he is not homeless
i'm still taking good care of him
just that i may probably leave penang so want to make sure he's well taken care of mah