Wednesday, October 08, 2008



Yeah. Thanks for asking me the very same question over and over again until I'm getting pretty sick of it. If I reply that I have no plans yet, they would be asking "Why? You don't plan to give birth ar? It's dangerous to give birth when you're older." If I say I have decided to stay single for the rest of my life (I told my mum that!), then they would be asking "Later you'll be all alone and all your friends will be happily married with kids." Sigh. Can't they just shut up and mind their own business?

At this age (I'm still far from reaching 30 okay?!!), it's pretty normal that people will start to question. Sigh. What's wrong being single but not available huh? I really don't understand. I'll definitely inform you guys if there's any chance of moving towards that path so stop asking, would you?

Oh well. I've been doing quite A LOT of readings lately and I got a bit mou liew at work. So, I decided to try out Facebook with Sharon. Sharon proposed to me in Facebook and I accepted! ROFL!

Then she got a notification saying I'm already in a relationship so she cannot proceed. Facebook is MONOGAMOUS! *protest*

After I changed my relationship to single, I'm supposed to see a heart break sign. Maybe Facebook updated their system again. Then, immediately, I got a notification from her, requesting for a relationship! /awwww

After I click Confirm, I'm officially engaged in Facebook! Congrats to us!!!! *applause*

So now my profile in Facebook is THIS!

Are you happy now? Gee. Oh well. Facebook allows homosexuality! Banana will get his wedding proposal from Alex soon. Wee~! Wedding invitation will be sent out soon. Until I figure out who will get to be the bride. Maybe I'll be the bride during our wedding in Kch and she'll get to be the bride in Penang then. Where to go for our honeymoon lei? Maybe we'll adopt more hammies. Sharon will be mummy for HammyA, B and C while I'll be mummy for HammyD, E and F! INCEST will occur when the baby hammies grow up and we will have trouble deciding who will be the Ah Ma and Ah Kong! Argh. Headache! *scratch head*

ROFL! Thank you and now, you can stop asking.

Disclaimer : Ok, we're just being naughty fooling around, we are 100% STRAIGHT! =P

P/S: Check out her version here.


Pink Cotton said...

hahahaha also fed up with ppl who keep on asking and asking...even my mother also not that kin teo =_=

nvr knew that u can use fb to funny...
wat about vampire?LOL

Eryn said...

LOL. His status is still in a relationship. =P

Miss J said...

belated congratulations on your engagement! :)

i share your feelings. i have to face people constantly asking especially as my bf is older..

even my dept head asks me!!!