Saturday, October 18, 2008


Wow. I've been eating like a oink lately. Earlier in the afternoon, I had lunch with Zeek, Sharon and Ric at Sake Room, Seberang Jaya. I was nearly drunk with just one shot of sake at 3 in the afternoon! Yeah. I really suck in drinking. LOL. They don't just serve sake but YUMMY sushi as well. It's a MUST to try I tell you. Thanks to Zeek for bringing us there (he's the one who discovered the place) and also treating us to such an awesome plus longest lunch ever! More reviews until I get the photos from Sharon later. Probably by then, I'll be lazy and I'll be linking to her lengthy and full of camwhoring pics post as usual. Hehe.

Some sneak preview first. ;)

We get to chat with the boss and surprisingly he introduced himself as Bacon. We were like "Err... Where's Ham then? Is Sausage your sibling?". Then he told us that Bacon is really his name. -____-". No offense but who would name their kids like that? Oh well. They even have a group in Facebook! Check this link out. Hehe. You can get 20% off by printing out a voucher here and shamefully, we forgot to use the voucher as everyone was kinda high. You should see Zeek and Sharon's tomato face! =P

You can check out their menu in Facebook too!

Many many THUMBS UP for Sake Room I would say. I'll definitely pay them another visit again with my lansi/tiaw keh Mr. BF who doesn't wanna tag along! Hmph!

As for dinner, we went to Ecco Cafe with Mr. BF's buddy, Clarence. It's Sharon's recommendation and I'm so glad she found such a nice cafe that serves yummy pizza and pasta! I'll let the pictures do the talking as I'm getting lazy. =P

Cosy environment. Look at the super classic chairs!

Mr. BF's coffee (RM 5.50).

Cute pepper grinder eh?

Focaccia Bread with Pesto Dip (RM 7).

My Chicken Pot Pie (RM 16) -- Highly recommended.
Comes with chicken, peas, carrots, potatoes, yummylicious cream sauce
and baked with pie crust cover.

Mr. BF's Calzone (RM 18). It's SO MUCH nicer compared to the one we had at Bella Italia, Pulau Tikus!
Folded over pizza dough baked with turkey ham, tomato, basil, capsicum, onion, tomato sauce and cheese.

Cla's Lemon-Infused Chicken (RM 18).
Chicken filet (a bit too few I would say), lemon slices, capers, mushrooms, herbs in cream sauce.

So, are you hungry now? Seems like I only blog during the weekend nowadays. LOL.


Zeekco said...

Wah air-ryn! dats a fast! less than 24 hours and your post is up?? Yeah, it was a great place and great company!

but, i still dont understand how could we forget to utilise the 20% discount coupon. Damn it! Are we that drunk?? Go try some other dish and blog it out!

Good catching up with you guys!

WD said...

Haven't you heard of Kevin Bacon?!

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

adoi... u make my breakfast turn to nothing man... now i feel like having sushi for breakfast haha

Miss J said...

why didn't ajak me for dinner?
I heard from Cla the food at Ecco place was nice leh.. :~~~~

Eryn said...

Zeek, Air-ryn pulak. Is that really hard to pronounce my name? ^^

WD, I mean for chinese. =D

Kopi, Haha. Jom sushi groove!

Miss J, Paiseh. Blame it on vampire. =P

vkeong said...

oh my you forgot the discount? :P

Sake Room's food is really good and the hosts (Bacon) is a ncie guy. They are planning a 2nd outlet in the island already.

Zeekco said...

oh look who's here! the food blog master from Penang. Hi there! Yeah, please ask them to open another outlet in the Island coz its pretty far for us to go over to mainland.