Friday, October 03, 2008

Oh It's Korean Yesterday

I love road trip!!! Yesterday, we went to mainland a.k.a. Butterworth for a short road trip. Main purpose was to visit the new Jaya Jusco in Prai as I heard from my ex-colleague that it's so BIG that she took 2 days to visit the whole mall. LOL. Oh well. It's huge of course but still, most of the shop lots are the same and I can't expect 4 guys to wait for me to hop from one shop to another right? Argh. No shopping for new heels!!!!!!!!!!!! >____<"

They have a few restaurants that we don't have here in Penang including THIS!!!

Sushi Queen? Can't they think of a better name for their new restaurant???!??!

ROFL! Prai has Sushi Queen. Where has the king gone to? Later we will have Sushi Prince? Kakakaka... THEY HAVE BIG APPLE DONUTS too. Yeah. Penang is so lame. You can't find Big Apple Donut here. Sabah has one and even Kuching has one. Why not Penang? Mr. BF said there will be ONE soon at Gurney Plaza's new wing. Hehe. I really hope that's true. =P

Well, the hungry us decided to try out the new Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant.

The chopsticks are so HEAVY that I could barely move my hand while eating.

You'll have to take off your shoes first.

My RM 5.50 Jasmine Tea. It's being labeled as Child Drink/Herbal Tea in the bill. LOL.

Mr. BF's spicy ramen with ribs.
The noodles tasted exactly like the ramen that we can buy from the supermarket for 3 bucks. ^_^

MegaPea's Unagi Bento for RM29. MegaPea just told me he reads my blog too! Lawak.

My Sirloin Steak Bento for RM28. Gosh. It's FREAKING NICE!

Each bento set comes with a bowl of miso soup, a bowl of rice and two slices of watermelon.

We ordered Spare Rib to share too (RM55) and the waiter basically BBQ-ed it at our table.

*I CUT!!!*

1 -> 2 -> 3

The BBQ set came with kimchi too.

And this.

And this.

And these!

Definitely NOT cheap as it's around 50 per pax. I'll be broke again soon.

If you are interested, you can check out their outlets too.

After our so-called brunch at 5, we went for the movie EAGLE EYE at TGV. Prai has TGV now! You can see a lot of actions in this movie and from my point of view, I think it's kinda not realistic and unbelievable. The leading actor (Shia LaBeouf) is a big star now eh? After his big hit in Transformer. @__@

After movie, we decided to head to Chai Ling Park for Tai Lok Mee. Yeah. That's my main intention of going to mainland in the first place. Kakakaka.

Why it doesn't taste that good compared to the first time I tried? Hmmm..

After that, we drove for the famous rojak stall (located near the ferry terminal). FYI, rojak is a type of fruit salad with a topping of thick dark prawn paste. What's so nice about the rojak anyway you'd ask. Oh well. It's by the road side.

And you eat it like THIS! Just dip in the rojak paste and start eating. Speaking of hygiene eh? It tastes so good that you don't have to care that much anymore I tell you. =P

Just like satay celup. Except that it's rojak celup. Kekeke.

It's definitely an eventful day as we left for Prai at 4 and got home at 12. Hahaha. Mr. BF got hungry eventually and he wanted to have Malay Burger so much that he drove around our area hunting for the burger stall. I kept telling him that since it's the second day of Raya, I don't think they are in the mood to sell burgers yet. Both of us were like arguing in the car and in the end, I WON! Vegetarian burger doesn't count man! Now you owe me 2 scoops of New Zealand Natural ice cream. *drool*


iamdoryfish said...

The Korean BBQ is so expensive! kekek, and your bf is so cute, betting with u :)

Anonymous said...

You can find Big Apple Donut in Gurney Plaza (Basement).

Eryn said...

Wow. Really? I'm so outdated. Hehe.

Miss J said...

yes, the donut outlet is at Gurney.
who were the other 3 guys that went on the road trip with you ah? :P
i wanted to go to the new jusco too... ah well..