Saturday, October 11, 2008

Random II

We went twice on Monday but the shop was closed. Then we went again on Tuesday and again, it's CLOSED! So, last night, we tried our very last chance again and at last, we get to try the DRY version of BAK KUT TEH! *happy*

Total Damage: RM 17 for 2.

I forgot the name of the shop but it's somewhere at Pekaka. Opposite Tesco Extra, Sg. Dua. I think you might notice that there's a corner house selling Bak Kut Teh right? Just turn in after the traffic light (T junction) and there's a row of shophouses on your left. It's the first shop right next to the vegetarian restaurant. You won't miss the foodcourt for sure. ;)

I think it's yummy but it's way too oily. Sobs. There goes my diet plan again. BLEK. I think I've been blogging too much on food since Raya. LOL.


Since we've been piggying out so much lately, I decided to cook again. It's been a while since I last cooked. LOL.

My own version of Bak Kut Teh. A bit too salty. =(

Tofu! Darn. I added too much cornflour as I was too anxious to cook so much dish at a short time. =(

YES! I finally succeed in making this dish! My own yummy version of Kung Pow Chicken.

Can someone tell me what's the name of this vege?
It's our favourite vege and it's so yummy with either belachan or tumis. ;)


Oh well. Here are some random pictures of my little babies. Till now, I still can't differentiate which is which. Poor me. But the 3 of them are living happily together, no fights, no jealousy and of course no SEX. My hammies are not homos luckily. ROFL.

He looks a bit like Fat Tooty. Don't you think?

Hamster wheel can be comfy too.

Falling asleep. Argh! He's soooo cute!!!

Kindly focus on my cute hammy but not his balls. LOL. You haven't seen Cheeky's. =P


irenelim said...

the dry bak kut teh actually almost same taste as Hua diao chicken..

The Devil said...

when i 1st saw the hammies pic after ur food pics... i was like...

WTF!!! previously u kill the hammies... now u going to cook them?


Eryn said...

Irene, Hua Diao is the wine right? Don't know how hua diao chicken taste like. =P

The Devil, It's a random post ma. Meaning apa pun ada. Ranging from food to hamsters. =P

The Devil said...

*garam mode kicks in*

hua diao chicken translation...

hua = flower
diao = fuck


hua diao chicken = flower fucks chicken


WD said...

Those are four angle beans. Crunchy.

Miss J said...

what can i say? devil's mind works devilishly ;P

I like the looks of the kung poh chicken... must get the recipe from you once i go back to cooking mode