Sunday, October 05, 2008


Festival of Nine Emperor Gods
is around the corner again (till this Tuesday if I'm not mistaken). Devotees will go on a 9 day vegetarian diet and during these 9 days, you will get to see lots of vegetarian stalls being set up by the roadsides. I heard that during these 9 days, they can earn up to 10k, merely selling vegetarian food and cookies/snacks!

Mr. BF's friend recommended this curry stall and it's located somewhere in Greenlane (near the food court). It's only available during the Festival of Nine Emperor Gods I heard. Guess what. I love it. It's totally different from the normal curry mee that we can find in Penang. It is a mixture of assam and curry.

Vegetarian Curry Mee.

Check out the Q. It's self service somemore.

Cookies & Snacks. Anyone?

We can find this kind of stalls everywhere in Penang now.

They have temporary booths everywhere, selling only vegetarian food. ;)

One thing about Festival of Nine Emperor Gods that really AMAZE me is they have to REPLACE all their forks & spoons plus any other utensils with NEW ones. Also, say if you eat vegetarian for 9 days this year, you cannot decrease it to 8 days in the following year. If you increase it to 10, then you have to consume vegetarian for 10 days in 2009 too. Hmm. Is there anything else to add? Hehe.


Located at Lebuh Clarke (the row of shop houses behind Caltex), you can find this little shop by the road side and when you walk into the shop, you will get to see a bunch of crowd waiting patiently for their food. I can't seem to find the name of the shop though. =(

What's so famous here? It's their roti canai of course. Normally, Roti Canai comes with a bowl of dal/curry paste right? We have another version of Roti Canai here. I call it Roti Canai Basah(wet) as the kuah/paste is poured on top of the roti canai.

The beef is really tender and yummy. *drool*

Roti Canai with Chicken.

We reached about 1 pm and most of the tables were fully occupied. That's how good the food is. Well, it's really worth a try despite that the place is kinda dirty. =P

Then, we proceed to Batu Lanchang for our favourite Pasembur. *drool*

So far, this is the only Chinese stall that I like.

Yummy pasembur with Jellyfish for RM3.30

We had western food for dinner that night. Since I was not satisfied with the ribs I had at Edelweiss Cafe, I decided to cook my own version of ribs. Haha.

Hmm. Somehow, my first version tasted nicer than this. =(

Hehe. I'm overloaded with nice food lately. It's time to diet I guess. But I never stick to the plan somehow. =(


The Devil said...

eh.. tell u 1 thing.. go in the evening...

b4 the opera starts...

go to backstage when they start to put on make up

u will get very rare shots ;)

Miss J said...

where do you get the ribs?

i went to RIBS twice since the last 1 month