Monday, October 20, 2008

Sake Room - Sushi & Lounge

Here's a simpler version of our visit to Sake Room at Seberang Jaya. Try Sharon's entry for a detailed version with the ratings and pricing. I'm just lazy. =P

Sake Room is located at 17, Jalan Todak 3, Seberang Jaya somewhere near Sunway Carnival Mall.

Nice deco don't you think? Just look at the bottles of sakes they have on display.

Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy Sauce (RM 32) -- Recommended

Tuna Tataki (RM 28) -- Highly Recommended

Naruto Maki (RM 22).
Now I just realized why it's called Naruto Maki. It's the color of course! Sotong la me.

Monkey Roll (RM 32) -- Recommended

Black Opium Roll (RM 19)

Volcano Roll (RM 21) -- Highly Recommended.
It tasted just like the sushi rolls I had in Green Room at Sri Hartamas, KL.

Plum Wine (RM 61).
The bigger bottle like the ones being displayed is RM 170. :S

Halfway drinking this shot, I was feeling quite uneasy already. Sucky isn't it? Bacon, the owner was nice enough to treat us one free round of Gold Label. I think I will surely puke if I had that. =P

Mochi Ice Cream (RM 12) -- Highly Recommended.

Last but not least, a crazy pic of me and my good friend and my good friend's good friend. =P


Sharon said...

man the last pic was FUGLY :S

Irenelim said...

The rock shrimp tempura looks really good!