Monday, October 27, 2008

Sungai Sedim, Kulim

It was a sudden trip but I've been wanting to visit this place since last year. Mr. BF is one lazy bum. It started off having duck rice in Lunas as we do not know what is nice around there. So far, I think the best duck rice I had is the one in KL.

Semboi (sour plum) duck.

Normal duck.

It took us around 45 minutes to reach the place. Pretty secluded I would say.

Wanna camp here? LOL.

Entrance fee is RM 10. :S

MM instead of m? LOL...

This is how the canopy walk look like.

This is how high I am from the ground!!!

View from Canopy Walk

After our 15 mins walk at the Canopy Walk, we proceed to the waterfall. Too bad the guys did not bring any extra clothes to change or else I would be going for a dip! It's so cooling you know? =(

Argh. I'm getting lazy I know. Somehow I think I lost my passion to blog. =(


soo sean said...

Lost your passion in blogging? Why? I remember you updated quite frequently before you changed job? :)

Irenelim said...

The tree top walk looks like something I need to try out some time in the future.

Neo said...

The waterfall looks cooling and refreshing!

maoi said...

nice outings...

i think must ask Sharon to giv u some motivation on blogging :p

adam said...

hi..wah..nice post about sedim.. yours better than mine..huhu.