Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Seed with Crystal Soil

Got this empty glass from Jusco for RM5.

Place some crystal soil (mine is pink and white) and add water to it. Ratio is like 1:60 and you have to soak in water for a few hours. Just drain out the excess water if you feel like it's 100% complete.

Sop in water.

The crystals are getting bigger no?

100% complete! ;)

Nice isn't it?

And now, it's time for the magic bean. I got it for RM 1 at Sunway Pyramid. For the crystal soil, it's RM 3.90 per packet.

I chose the one with tagging 'Happy Day'!

You flip it around and you get a happy face. Cute isn't it?

Soak in water for 5-10 minutes.

Then the smiley will get loosen.

And become like this!

Place the root on top of the soil.

Place the seed in and make sure it's covered. Let's just watch and see what we will have soon!
Stay tune. Hehe. Wyenn!!! Have you started planting yours? ;)


jojo (formerly Miss J) said...

good to see you have another new project.. remember to show the outcome when you get it
maybe i should start one on my own when I go China.. :P

The Devil said...

dont get mixed up the crystal soil with sago liap eh... hahaha :P

wyenn said...

haha, i will go n plant mine tomorrow. thanks for sharing the instruction :P

Pink Cotton said...

hehe the crystal is pink!!

wish u luck with your little seed...redsponge gave me one few yrs back but it nvr grew :(