Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sarawak Laksa

Yes. They have pure Sarawak Laksa being sold in Puchong, KL. I blogged about it before and since my friends had no idea how Sarawak Laksa taste like, we decided to go and have a try. ;)

Hai Siang Kopitiam is located at Bandar Seri Puchong,
right opposite Giant and next to Old Town Kopitiam.

3 layers Teh-C-Peng for RM3+

Our laksa for RM8 and it's worth it!

Yiu char kueh for RM 4+ I think. Yummy!


Wii was we did most of the time when I was in KL. We played everyday until 2-3 am and we got muscle pain the day after. LOL. But it was fun especially when you get to beat people in certain games like golf, bowling, baseball, etc.

I would say golf is the hardest game for me to learn. LOL.

Banana purposely created this avatar for me. Wyenn said whenever she sees my avatar, she feels like beating me up. Huhu! Really look like me meh? >__<


The Devil said...


so the expensive?

will go to try this weekend... hahaha

Miss J said...

The Laksa & Teh C Peng really taste like the kuching one?

Let me ask my bro to take me there next time... hehe..

Wii looks nice ler.. what other games? You can play golf already? Heard can play Yoga also... your avatar nice leh.. looks cute

Justin Ho said...

u gotta be kidding me... rm11 for laksa + teh????

That fella think he's mdm kwan si boh?

Eryn said...

OMG. Justin. You are here.

The pricing ar... You have to ask Mr. BF's cousin. He's the boss of the cafe. =P