Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Wedding

Last night, I went for my colleagues' wedding. Both hubby and wifey work in the very same department/team and I merely talk to them. I have no idea why I was invited also. Being the 'friendly' me, I tagged along provided if someone fetched me of course. For sure, I don't wanna drive all the way to town to attend the wedding alone.

The wedding was at some Chinese community hall along Burmah Road. I've never been to any weddings in Penang and some more it's at some community hall, I decided to wear a plain dress. Surprisingly, I saw a lot of colleagues who really 'pasang kuat-kuat' and some even showed their cleavages. LOL. No pictures as there are too many people running around with their mighty SLRs. My department has a lot of SLR freaks I tell you. Some can take really good pictures too. *envy*

Overall, the food was only so-so. The groom gave a short speech and cried in the end. Sobs. I think he misses his Dad who is no longer here. Sigh. Another thing funny was you can see random people coming into the hall to sell prawn crackers, kuih kapit, newspapers and also lottery! Gosh. I won't want my wedding to be crashed like that. Iskh.

Apart from that, I finally started "working". There are a lot of new things to learn, procedures to follow and other that that, I really enjoy myself working here. Work starts everyday at 9 am to 5 or 6 pm. Tea break is at 3.30 - 4 (normally we would hang out at the cafeteria or go McD for banana pie or sundae *yum*).

What else is nice? I'm surrounded by playful colleagues and so far I haven't met any lansi one yet. All are quite helpful and friendly. Maybe I'm the only one being lansi. HAHA! It's hard for me to click with people that fast I guess. So far, the best record is with an Indian Muslim who manages to click with me within 2-3 days. LOL. As I never have any Malay/Indians friends (I mean close ones and not those hi bye friends), I was surprised really!!! I guess I finally found someone to stand by while waiting for her to come back. =P

I guess if you miss me, here's the latest pic of me trying to molest Cupcake. ;)



Sharon said...

dang, already looking for my replacement when i'm gone!

Miss J said...

so that's where you went on Saturday night? thought i was going to see you for dinner but mana tahu Cla & I only picked up Mr BF...

we wanted to go Sake room but Mr BF didn't know where it was so we ended up at Mario's in Ferringhi

Irenelim said...

Too bad no pics of the wedding, but I am sure it's very different from what we have in grand restaurants in KL. :)

Eryn said...

Hehe. The weird thing is they always serve RICE as last dish!! Can someone tell me why? LOL

wyenn said...

I guess because rice is the most filling, so put it at the last dish can help ppl to eat more. Hence, rice always ended up being wasted.

Cleavage somemore! why never take pic??!! aiseh.