Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Burger Quest

Date: Dec 6th. Gosh. This entry is like so-so-so-so outdated.
Mission: To conquer the world Carl's Junior, Wendy's and Burger King.

My first stop was at Carl's Junior. I've always loved their burgers!! The thought of Carl's Junior is making me hungry liao. Argh! When will we have this in Penang ahhh!!! >___<

I love their fries too. ;)

Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger set for around RM20+.
Just one SET you know?
Free refills for the drink btw.

Expensive but it's bringing me straight to heaven after just ONE bite. ;)

The size of the burger is really BIG! I definitely cannot finish one burger by myself. Huhu.

My next stop was at Wendy's. I have never tried this and before that, Banana told me it's a MUST to try their quarter pound and their frost! Yum.

Wendy's is way cheaper than Carl's Junior. Their pricing is around the same with McD.
Definitely worth a try I would say. ;)

M&M Frosty. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!

Baked Potatoes with Cheese. Got this for free since they are having promotion.

Free chicken nuggets if you order any of the set too. ;)

My 1/4 Pound Single.

I failed to conquer my third mission at Burger King. There goes my favorite Mushroom Swiss. Huhu. Yeah I know. I'm crazy to have such BURGER QUEST. LOL.

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k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

Carl's Jr is the best T_____T
I want it.... *drooling*