Sunday, January 18, 2009

Food Hunting During the Weekend

My wound is slowly recovering and it still hurts whenever I bend my knee.
My left ribcage still hurts whenever I laugh or move too much and I don't know why. Gee. Hopefully I'll recover before CNY! Anyways, thanks for the concern! Hehe.

My youngest uncle is back from OZ and he said Kuching is so bored that he decided to pay me a visit in Penang. He was here for 5 days and on the first day, he went Danuk, a town which is about an hour drive from Hatyai, Thailand if I am not mistaken. I wanted to follow him so badly that I tried getting myself a fake MC but failed (after waiting for like an hour in the clinic!!!!!). The bitch fat doctor was too smart to know it! Damn. I went back to check on my wound and flu the very next day and this time, this guy doctor asked if I wanted MC! Gosh. If and only if he's the one seeing me when I truly needed one! And of course, I went back to work since I don't need the MC. How stupid is that? Just take the MC and slack at home la! My mentor said that to me. @_@

Oh well. Here are some random pics of where I took my uncle to.

Location: Some coffee shop located opposite the fire bridage, at the junction of Chulia Steet and Beach Street.

Beef noodles
People have been telling me how good it is and well, nothing can beat Kuching's beef noodles still!!!
I'll give it 6/10. I love the soup and the chilli.

Location: Lebuh Keng Kwee, off Penang Road besides Joo Hooi restaurant.

Penang Road Famous Cendol

Fried Nien Kao/New Year Prosperity Pudding with Yam and Flour. We love it so much!
You can get this right next to the cendol stall. There's one uncle selling all the fried stuffs. ;)

Location: Padang at Dato Keramat Road

Loh Bak

Loh Bak's Paste

Indian Muslims Pasembur/Rojak

Satay Paste for the Pasembur. Love it! ^^

Yummylicious yong to fu! RM 13 for 3 I think but that depends on what you choose of course!

Location: Kimberley Street, parallel to Campbell Street.

Uncle loves their dessert so much that he went again the next day. LOL.

Yummy char kueh tiaw.

Apart from that, we brought him to Batu Lanchang for their famous pasembur, Balik Pulau's Lemak Laksa and Lunas' duck rice (he tapao-ed two duckies with sour plum sauce back home!). Not forgetting Jelutong's hawker stalls near Leng Lui Tong Soi. Gosh! I love their prawn noodles so much! I mean their prawn mihun as I don't eat the yellow mee. Hehe. I brought him to taste Penang seafood at Hai Boey, Teluk Kumbar too. We ordered 8 dishes for 10 pax but the other 4 had some miscommunications with us and they went Tambun instead. DOH! The 4 of you need to pay us at least 10% of the bill I tell you!!! LOL. In the end, the 6 of us gobbled up 6 of the dishes we ordered. We're damn good no? Hehe. More pics if I managed to copy from uncle's digicam. ;)

Now, should I say this again? I need to diet so badly! Like Annie said, I'm getting chubbier. Sigh. Chubby Erin is coming back for CNY this Friday! Yippie! Oh boy. How to resist food back in Kuching? I'll come back few kgs more as usual. Haih.


Harmony said...

Omg......... penang is like the haven for me.

Justin said...

It's been quite a while since i land myself in penang. I loved the food =(

ANNIE lah...Who else.. said...

NAH!! Don't say I didn't comment.. =P

Go back Kuching eat till pui pui then only start diet when back to work.. Ini macam baru enjoy koi ni ma..

ANNIE again.. the one that say you're chubby.. said...

Btw, post to me some of your mom's yummy home made kuih.. This year didn't get to eat liao..
Tell auntie don't miss me ah.. :P

Pink Cotton said...

u shud hv used your hurting ribcage as an excuse to get MC on the first day mah!

Eryn said...

Harmony, Yes it is!!! Surrounded by nice food everyday. Huhu.

Justin, Kuching has nice food too. Gosh. Gonna eat like a pig when I get back again!

Annie, you 'wait long long long' for my mum's home made cookies ya. I take few pics and send to you. And I'll eat on your behalf. ;)

Eryn said...

Pink Cotton, I wanted MC on Thursday and I fall down on Friday ma. How to use that excuse. Haha.

ANNIE... said...


Jocelyn said...

Hey, I was one of the 4 that end up in Tambun!

We went all the way there makan 4 orang so kesian.... somemore I think the seafood at Hai Boey much nicer... Haihhh

Some of the guys (I think you know who) really need to brush up on their communication la... haihhh