Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy Niu Year

A quiet dinner during Christmas and NYE was all I asked for. I don't see the need of jamming all the way down town to celebrate at some fancy restaurant or going clubbing with friends (as if I'll tag along and go clubbing la!!!). As long as you're with your loved ones, nothing else matter right? Hehe.

The first day of 2009 was splendid and boy, I had a great time! Lunch was at Paddington House of Pancakes (I've been craving for this for ages!!!).

Classic Kaiserschmarren (RM20+)
Served with caramelized apples, black and golden raisins, a scoop of ice cream and fruit puree.

Being a BIG FAN of Adam Sandler, how could I miss his only movie of the year???

Bedtime Stories (8.5/10)

Any movie with guinea pig/hamster is awesome!!!!! *blush*

We then proceeded to Teluk Tempoyak (Tempoyak Bay), a Malay fishing village located at the south part of Batu Maung. Those in Penang, you should know where the Free Industrial Zone (FIZ) is right? Drive all the way straight until you see the Batu Maung War Museum on your left. Go slow here and you'll see a signboard that directs you to turn left to Teluk Tempoyak. On your way up, you'll get to see a magnificient view of the bay. There are two restaurants so we opted for the one with the seaview of course. It was raining earlier, so the view wasn't that nice sadly. Huhu. Some of the pictures (the nice ones of course!!!) here are taken from this site, so do check it out if you're interested. ;)

Watermelon Juice - RM 2.50.

Prawns cooked with their “Special Sauce”. They called it "Tiga Rasa" and ...
it's YUMMYLICIOUS!!! - RM 20
**highly recommended**

2 Chilli Crabs - RM 20 **highly recommended**

Ikan Pari Bakar (Stingray) - RM 8 **highly recommended**

La La in Some Lemak Sauce
Can't remember the price for this and it wasn't that nice compared to the rest.

Even the sauce is nice. =p~

For seafood lovers? LOL

I know I've not been updating my blog lately. I'm just not in the mood to blog and maybe someday I'll have the courage to blog about it. We shall see. It is definitely one of the sad chapters in my life which I did not see it coming AT ALL. Sigh. All I know is he is being held securely in God’s loving embrace now and for all eternity. :)

I promised I'll be hardworking to update my blog so do come back for more. Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!

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