Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Maxwell Hill, Taiping

The journey from hotel to Maxwell Hill was only 5 minutes. We drove there at 7+ and we're the second group that morning. Some came at 7.50 but the 8 am slot was full and they had to wait for the next slot at 9. Pity. Remember! They start at 8 and ends at 4! =P

The first group got this and it's not as cool as our jeep. ;)

Our open-air jeep!!! Cool right? Can feel the morning breeze on the face for like 20 mins on our way up.

The ride up was scary as the driver did not hesitate at each turnings (esp those 70-80 degrees turnings!!!) and he was very very very fast!!!!! Okay!!! I admit I was screaming my lungs out at the beginning. ONLY AT THE BEGINNING. It was like a roller coaster ride. I felt like I will get thrown out from the jeep anytime. It's so COOL!!!!!!! LOL.

There's actually a chalet/hotel on top of the hill for you to stay and spend the night over.
It's not that pricey too but doubt if you will get any entertainment at night.

The nice driver took us up to the very peak and briefly introduced us to Taiping. Hehe. What a nice chap.

We are at the height of 1035m.

Can you see the clouds? Hehe.

Breathtaking I would say. If and only if I have a SLR!

This is where the king used to stay. Or rather his fancy 'resort'.

Drink anyone?

Another view of the house.

Another shot taken somewhere near.

Here's another chalet I guess? I'm confused already. Haha.

This is where the actual ride will stop at.

More pictures from here onwards as we had our stroll around, enjoying the greenery and nice weather. Thank GOD it wasn't raining that morning!!!

Sleepy me forcing the way into the bushes just to get a snap. Hahaha.

The ride down wasn't that scary and I actually fall asleep when there's this bunch of gals who crapped all the way down. GOSH! Can't they just STFU and enjoy the view? Sheesh!

On either side of the road leading to Maxwell Hill lies the Commonwealth war cemetery.

The road along Taiping Lake. Nice right?

I purposely went down to snap a picture of the lake when I saw these bunch of monkeys by the road side.

Here's another one. Hehe.

Hehe. I guess that's about it. I'll blog about my next adventure to... We shall see. ;)

P/S: Do you like my new header? New year, so new interface lo. Hehe.


k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

y so free to travel one... >_<
I want holidays tooooooo

Eryn said...

LOL. Went during weekend ma. Hehe.

Zeekco said...


according to one of my photography expert friend, to produce a kick ass photo, having a good SLR camera is only carry a small percentage. Be very skillful in editting (color, contrast, layers, etc) plays a major part. So make sure ur PS skills is damn good, you can have a perfect shot anytime.

anyway, all ur picsa are great already. very nice!

Eryn said...

OMG! Hahaha. Thanks for the compliment. ;))

Yeap. Trying to brush up my PS skills but getting lazier. =P

Pink Cotton said...

even without dslr your pics also not bad wat...

very nice view!

el the man said...

Which hotels would u recommend near Maxwell. ie stay in Taiping and leave early morning to the Maxwell hill. How about directions?

Info on Penang

Eryn said...

Hi El,
We stayed in Furama Hotel. It's just next to the lake. Cheap and clean hotel. :)

Directions? Taiping is pretty small. Just follow the signboard I would say. From the lake, you would be able to spot it. :)

Taiping site said...

Nice shots..