Monday, January 05, 2009

Road Trip to Taiping

The weather was disappointing. Just take a look at the black gloomy clouds. Sigh. We could only pray hard that it won't be raining when we reached Taiping. Yes! Taiping! I've never been there and the BORED me decided to drive there for 'my first adventure of the year'. LOL.

Rain rain go away, come again another day.

It's only an hour's drive from Penang if you speed all the way there. ;)

Taiping is a town in the state of Perak, Malaysia.

Yes! Taiping here I come!

Darn clouds!!!

It is said that Taiping is the wettest town in Peninsular Malaysia. The average annual rainfall is about 4,000mm while the peninsula’s average is 2,000mm – 2,500mm. Maybe that's why you'll get to see more GREEN stuff in this little town. And yes! MORE RAIN!!!

Everything was in a rush when we planned for this trip so I didn't check out much on the food. The printer failed at the very last minute (babi office printer you suxxx!!!) so I had to spend some time drawing the map. Argh!!! Still, my 'nicely drawn' map didn't help that much and we got lost in town. So, we decided to hunt food first to satisfy our growling ***kili kulu*** tummies. LOL!

First stop was at Restoran Doli, Jln Tupai for their famous char kueh tiaw since everyone's been blogging about it!!!

The special kueh tiaw goreng is RM 8 but we opted for the cheaper one (RM3.50).

5/10 - Definitely not my cup of tea

6/10 - Kuching's Mee Rebus is way nicer!!!

We then proceeded to Maxwell Hill (Bukit Larut) which is approximately 1250m above sea level. I didn't put much hope as it was still drizzling ***bang head against the wall***. Maxwell Hill is not as developed compared to Cameron/Genting and you need a four-wheel drive jeep to go to the top of the hill. Since private vehicles are not allowed to enter, the resort authority caters to this service. The website states that the jeep service intervals is from 7.00am to 6.00pm daily and when we reached there about 3 pm, the guy told us that we had to come back the very next day! GOSH! How disappointing was that? Huhu. Anyways, it was still drizzling so we decided to try again the next day at 8 am!

FYI, the ticketing booth starts operating at 7.30 am and the jeep service starts at 8 am. It's every hour interval till 4 pm!!!!!!! This is the 100% correct information you can get from! Don't trust any other website.

Fui yoh! Lame or not? HAHAHA! Since Taiping is so small, I suggest that you buy the ticket early and return later for the 'cool ride' up. You can hike all the way up too if you like and that might take you 4-5 hours. Hehe.

Since there's nothing to do and ample of time to kill before hunting for food again, we decided to go for a boat ride at the oh-so-famous Taiping Lake Garden.

This is how our boat looked like. ***quack quack***

Lousy weather. Sobs!!!

This is how 'wet' I got. Sheesh.
Like my slippers? LOL. Mind the big fat pig thighs though. *blush*

Don't you just love the green? ;)

Next, we drove around town and from the list of food to grab in Taiping, we only have 'cendol at Jalan Barrack'. Written on the map was Jalan Berak (berak in Malay = shit/poo) and I was like WTF when I drew the map. LOL!!! It should be easy to spot a stall selling cendol, don't you think? We found this instead.


YES! What a funny name! Bismillah Cendol. In fact, one of Taiping's famous mamak stall is Roti Canai Bismillah Restaurant. Kakaka...

7/10 and it's only RM1.10!

I would say it's on par with Penang's famous cendol. Seriously! Next, we went to Larut Matang food court to try out the local food.

Indian Popiah for 60 cents.

This is one that I can never find anywhere in Penang or Kuching. There are really a lot of popiah stalls in this food court! Amazing. How to do business like that?

Yummy satay. I'm not a fan of satay seriously but I ended up wanting for more. WTF!

What the heck is kelempong? :-/

See the way they fan the satays?

Yummy chai kueh! *drool*

They even have 'SUPER MEE BLACK' and I wonder how black will the mee be? LOL.
Ain't gonna try that for sure.

Lastly, a pic of moi in case you miss me. YES ZEEKCO! I'm back to the blogging world!!!
Oh yes. I dyed my hair a month ago and it's supposed to be RED! It's turning brown so fast!

Stay tune for Part 2. ;)


Zeekco said...

Welcome back!! You know what is my first question when i met ur friend d other day?

What happened to Air-ryn and her dying blog? And she assure me everything's is ok and you'll be back soon. We nearly shopped for a cane at Queensbay. Lucky your prestasi semakin menigkat now. hahaha....

Sharon said...

yea man, you see Zeek I did convey your msg to her and it works! LOL
btw bismillah roti canai? "bless" the roti canai u eat so u wont LAU SAI!

Eryn said...

YES Glutton S and Glutton Z! I am back!!

I tried the Bismillah Cendol but not the roti canai. LOL. Funny name though...