Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taiping ZOO

What will you do if you have no where to go in a typical little town at 5 in the evening? The ZOO of course!!! *I like to move it, move it!!!*

12 for adults and 8 for kiddos. Oh. They have night safari at the rate of 18! I really wonder how it is like. Spooky? I doubt I can see anything though.

See ppl using a branch and disturbing the tapir? LOL.

Huge rhino!!

We have camels in Msia too! Not forgetting kangaroos and emu!!! Are we in Aussie? LOL.

Jee-bra. *wink*

Okay. Enough lame pictures for you guys! Hehe. Here comes the FOOD part! AGAIN! No wonder Annie said I got chubbier la. Sheesh. Located opposite the fire brigade, you can spot this food court easily and they are famous for their yong tofu! At first, I thought it's operated by Chinese but sadly again, it's gonna be Malay food. Argh. That's the outcome when not much research is done before the food quest!!! Well, it turned out to be GOOD actually. Kekeke.

We give this 7.5/10. ;)

Oh boy~~! I love the peanuts. And the black paste!!!!!

Nasi Ayam Special. 7/10. It's CRISPY and the chilli's great!!!

They have at least 50 kinds of dessert/ice creams for you to choose.

I chose this. It's called Gloppy. My yam flavoured pypy!! LOL. 5.5/10!

Kindly proceed to my next post to Maxwell Hill as it will be loaded with lots and lots of pictures! Hehehehe.

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