Thursday, January 15, 2009

Traditional Ice Blended Peanut

Last Saturday was just nice. No RAIN at all luckily. We started our journey at about 9 and it only took us like 40-50 minutes to reach. Along the way, we could see lots and lots of green paddy fields!

Nice right?

* humming the country song green green grass of home~! *

Oh ya. Where were we heading to? It's SUNGAI PETANI (SP) of course! SP is a town in Kedah and is said as the second largest town in Kedah after Alor Star. Where else can you find a huge concentration of paddy fields and farmers other than this town? That's why it's called Sungai Petani a.k.a. Farmer's River! Hmmm. What else you wish to know? LOL. Dig more here.

Snapping road signs as usual. BLEK!

Wee! We're 500 m to SP! I got so excited like Rhina (if you watch the movie Bolt). LOL!

More green!

Brunch was at a random cafe called Apex Coffee (like those old town kopitiam) and they just opened a new branch here in Penang. Seriously, I think the food is overpriced and they come in small portion!!! I won't wanna step back to that cafe again. Too bad.

Finally, we reached Cinta Sayang Golf & Country Resort. The main motive to go SP was to play GOLF of course! Yeah! Imagine the clumsy me playing golf! Huhu. Never try never know ma right? Hehe.

The driving range to practice my swing.

Two floors... which one you prefer eh?

We picked the ground one since there were less ppl. Noobs ma. ;)

50 balls for RM4. Cheap? 10 swings for me is tiring already.

Oh well. It was fun learning and I wish to go again! The club is a bit heavy though and my left arm was sore the next day. Noob me. Hehehe. Next, we went exploring and looks like SP has a water themepark too. ;)

Then, we went SP town to explore for FOOD of course!!! Hiak hiak. Yes! I'm getting chubbier! Thank you for the nice compliments peeps! =P

I did a research and they said somewhere near the bus station, there's this stall selling yummylicious peanut ice blended drink. So we went hunting for the bus station. It wasn't hard finding but still, we need some aid from the locals first. LOL. On your way to town, as soon as you spot Courts Mammoth on your left, do turn RIGHT at the next junction ya? That's where the bus station is. Now, the hard part is to track down the stall! Why? Because they have 3 same stalls selling ice blended drinks!!!!!!!! Argh!!! We settled with the stall with an old man and his old wife instead, thinking that they might be doing this business for the longest time, no? Hehe.

It was superb that I ordered two of this!!!!!! Each at the cost of RM 1.80 but it's totally worth it! They blend the peanut nicely and add coco powder on top of the drink. It's a MUST TO TRY if you ever step into this little town.

We ordered ice kacang too but NAH. Next time, I'll opt for their other famous drinks like Ice Blended Red Bean and Ice Blended Corn.

You guys can watch a video of some local food programme here if you're interested. And from that clip, I found out that we went to the wrong stall. Since there are 3 stalls, the right one should be the one in the MIDDLE! LOL. But nevermind. The ones we had were awesome too. 33 years of experience doing ice blended eh?

Before I end, here's a peek of the noob me, playing GOLF. Hiak! Hiak! I know. Wearing slippers and play golf eh? Next time, I'll dressed up like a PRO! Huhu.

Happy weekend! Opss. It's not even Friday yet. Huhu.


ck lam said...

Wow...nice to know of the ice blended peanut drink...but not found in Penang Island.

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

how come the gold ball still on the ground one.... T____T tipu ha...

Eryn said...

I tried the ice blended peanut in Penang before but it wasn't as good as this. Maybe there are nice ones here too. ;)

I'm practicing my swings first ma. Then baru hit. Haha! First timer will miss one okay!

meiyi said...

If u blogged this earlier, i would have visited that place when i was at SP last time.
The last i went SP, their red bean ice blended was almost similar to the sunshine market one