Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Hamsters FOR SALE!!

I posted an entry to sell my hamsters in MUDAH and here's what I wrote.
"My Roborovski hamster has given birth to 5 cute little babies on 2nd of February 2009. Interested buyers please contact me. "

While trying to submit that ad, I was prompted THIS!

Your text contains prohibited language: "babi"

ROFL!! Anyway, I am trying to sell my baby hamsters for RM 10 each. If you wish to purchase ALL at one shot, that would be RM 40. Here's the AD. Do check it out okay? Buyers from Penang only. COD at Bayan Lepas/Bayan Baru/Bukit Jambul area. Huhu. Here are some pics showing the growth of my hamsters within 3 weeks.

The parents.

Surprisingly, she was pregnant and
I didn't realize it until I heard squeaking sound and noticed red little 'balls' beneath her.

The protective father with his first born babies.

Sleepy ones.

The babies at 1-1.5 weeks old.

The little one was still unable to climb into the food container during early age.

Now, they can find their own food already! I think it's finally time to let go? Huhu. =(

Now, they know how to drink from the water bottle too.

This shot is taken when they are >2 weeks old.

* What you looking at! Bo shiok ar!!! Come fight la! *

Now, few managed to climb up and sleep in their cosy 'smelly' house.

Yeah. It's been a while since I last cleaned the cage. Am advised not to touch the cage until the babies are like a month old. Maybe it's time for me to let go these cuties Sigh. It's really a nice experience breeding hamsters and watching them grow. I was quite surprised when I see how fast they can grow and stand on their own feet! Cool. It's even cooler if I can sell them for money. Do contact me if you wish to be your mama/papa ya? =P


The Devil said...

Lai... pos laju to kl... wahahahaha

~YM~ said...

haha..i remembered mine..
within 2-3 months the kids start breeding again!! They multiple so fast that I've to let go all of them to the pet shop in Pudu market where they buy back the hamster for RM6 and sell them off for RM8. Well, mine were Syrian, though, so cheaper. Not much, but at least we got hamster food in exchange! :P

☆HoCaN★ said...

omG!!! so CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

omg!so cute how much are thay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

they are so cute how much is it for 2 girl baby hamsters