Thursday, February 26, 2009

Indian Cuisine

Restoran Kapitan vs Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant

Both serve northern and southern Indian Cuisine (till now, I don't know how to differentiate which is north and which is south LOL) and which one I like best? Hmmm...

I never knew the existence of Restoran Kapitan until some noobie brought me there. Blek. It's kinda hidden as it's behind some shop lots, right opposite QB Mall. There are two more branches at Chulia Street and Gurney too. What people like most here? The TANDOORI chikin chicken of course. *drool*

They have plain naan, garlic naan, cheese naan, butter naan and being a cheese lover,
I took the cheese one of course! >< ~RM8

Briyani Rice with Mutton. ~RM7

This is some yogurt paste with onions which taste good with the briyani rice.

Mostly, these are the 2 primary items that we order so there's not much to recommend here. Perhaps, you can tell me what to order during my next visit? =P

As for Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant, I've been there nth times and though it's far, I love it so much that I don't mind driving there once in a while. Hehe. The place is located at Tanjung Bungah, which is about 45 mins from where I stay. Huhu.

Normally, I would try their banana leaf rice with all sort of dishes especially their VEGETARIAN chikin chicken! It's a MUST to try as it tastes exactly like chikin chicken!!! Hehehe. Here are what we ordered during our last visit. We decided to try something different this time! ;)

Drink to recommend aside their Indian Lassi. Banana Milkshake! Love it so much!

Ghee Rice (Basmati Rice with Ghee). Simply frangrant.

Mutton Rogan Josh (mutton + 9 types of spices + cashewnut tomato gravy) ~RM 8
We conclude that this is the BEST dish we ordered. ;)

Tauhu Butter Masala (fried tofu + tomato gravy + butter masala)
I love this too. ><

Malai Kabab (Boneless chicken marinated with cream yogurt masala baked in oven)
Nothing special except the description. For me, it's rather dry. Huhu.

Aloo Parotha (atta bread stuffed with potato masala)
I love this too.

Lighting wasn't good so I didn't take that many pics. But these are the ones that are nice. Hehe. Oh ya!!! I love their Parotha (first few pages, last item under Parotha category DOH) too! Forgot the name but it's stuffed with prawns, vegetables, herbs, spices, etc.

The verdict? It's of course Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant!!!!! What say you? Any other Indian Cuisine to recommend me? =P


Satya Seelan said...

Wah........feel so hungry d...

Reminded me of Comedy court on Indian Food...anyway gtg have dinner...hahaha

Annie said...

Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant..
Is this the one you wanted to bring me last time but can't find?

Eryn said...

Annie, that's the one we ended up going. LOL! Not the one we can't find. =P