Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ingolf's Kneipe German Restaurant & Bar

My buddy, Mr. Lam is here for business trip and we decided to try out Ingolf's Kneipe German Restaurant & Bar at Tanjung Bungah AGAIN. The last time we went, the shop was closed for the day. Monday I supposed. This is the nth time I've been there and I really love their food!!!!!! It's a MUST to try okay. Yummylicious German Food. Their signature dish is none other than their freshly made German sausages of course! Blogging about this is making me really hungry since it's dinner time soon! Gonna blog about this fast. Hehehe.

The restaurant has two storeys and normally I would pick the first floor. Heheh.

The environment is cosy and it's perfect for any occasion.

Lemon Tea (RM 2)

Appetizer: Baked Cheese Potatoboat (RM8.80)

Side dish: Sauerkraut (RM 5) - finely sliced white cabbage fermented in brine

Mixed Grill (RM 23.80) which is really large in portion.

This is a MUST to have. Mushroom sauce that came with our mixed grill. Additional sauce is RM 3.
I totally LOVE it to bits!!!!

That's what we had for two. Their food portion is big and it's really worth the money I would say. Altogether, it's only around 50+. Nice isn't it?

Tummy is growling. Gotta go peeps. Today, I am trying North Indian Cuisine. Yeah. (Fatty Erin is indulging in food again.) Huhu. We'll see that in my very next entry. Tata.


horizon said...

The price is really reasonable, especially the Baked Cheese Potatoboa. It looks really good! Definitely my next food hunting destination

chuinkit said...

again... this blog is flooded by food...

Jocelyn said...

make me hungry nia...
i'm still craving for Ecco Cafe's food after my first visit and now i'm fantasizing for german food pulak!!