Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kids fight

Days ago, he was as cute as THIS!!!!!!!

Today, when I got back from work, I found him like THIS!!!!!!

GOSH! I thought he is dead so I tried to take him out from the cage. He squeaked! Must be in deep pain I guess. They always fight. Just like my old hamster, Sooty and Tooty. Huhu. That's my Pancake btw. Cupcake is still active, running around the cage with no single scratch. Argh. BAD hammy!!!!! Both are male so when they fight, it's even worse ar? Huhu.

Now I just hope he can survive! =( =( =(


Pink Cotton said...

he is injured so badly lar...

first time i see hamster fight until like this

Jocelyn said...

oh gosh!

my guinea pigs used to fight but never got that injured...

hope he gets better soon, u better separate them la

Sharon said...


I wanna step on the bad hammy until his intestines come out